Program update AVG 8.0.196 (HF3)


  • Corrected Firewall configuration update progress on 64-bit systems with multiple occurrences of applications.
  • Default applications to non-custom action are updated in the new configuration as well.
  • TDI driver changes to increase stability and performance of Firewall, WebShield, and LinkScanner.
  • New MailShell version 5.1 implemented in Anti-Spam.
  • New safe adapter settings dialog added.
  • Removed problem with launch of Firewall Wizard during remote installation.


  • Fixed possible deadlock during Virus database update.
  • Fixed problem with scanning files on different file systems (e.g. samba shares).
  • Fixed registration of avg7api.dll.
  • Fixed problem with outgoing traffic being blocked with IP address renewal.
  • Fixed problems with unexpected connection termination; of ask dialogs being generated for the system communication, and other known problems.
  • Fixed problem with OS Unix mapped folders scanning on Windows.
  • Fixed problem with Microsoft Sharing being blocked after computer restart.
  • Fixed problem with slow upload while WebShield is on.

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