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AVG Internet Security

Award-winning protection for everything you do

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BenefitAVG Free AVG AntiVirus AVG Internet
Protection against viruses and spywareyesyesyes
Stay safe on social networks like Facebookyesyesyes
Ensure websites are safe before visiting themyesyesyes
Keep your identity safe whenever you go onlineyesyesyes
Download and exchange files safely yesyes
Stay protected against instant messaging viruses yesyes
Free 24/7 expert technical support yesyes
Stop hackers from getting inside your computer  yes
Keep your email safe and block spam  yes

100% Money Back Guarantee

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Upgrade Now

Over 202 million people use our award-winning software

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Customer feedback

AVG has protected all our PCs for 5 years and we’ve never had any problem - the paid version is much more protective and ultimately better value.

Paul Barton

From my professional and personal experience AVG has unmatched security products in the industry. What makes AVG different form other security software vendors is it’s dedication and close relationship with its customers. Thank you AVG for making the world safer and for protecting my customers and their family from the dangers of the Internet :)

Kyle Moore

A product that’s simple, safe and secure, from a company that believes in service.

James Hume