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Virus detected when downloading files from internet

FAQ » Technical FAQ » AVG Security Products » Computer Protection » Virus detected when downloading files from internet

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You may encounter the following or similar message when downloading a file from the internet after an upgrade of AVG:

Download Failed - Virus Detected

Please do the following to remove the message and restore download functionality:

  1. Open menu Start, and then click Computer (or My Computer).
  2. Open disk (C:), and then open Program Files.
    Note: If there are two folders Program Files and Program Files (x86), open Program Files (x86).
  3. Open folder AVG. There will be multiple subfolders, each marked by AVG version number.
  4. The folder AVG 2013 is your current AVG folder. Please delete all other folders with older version number, i.e. AVG2012, AVG2011, AVG9, etc.
  5. Restart your computer. Downloading from internet will now be possible again.

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