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What is the Upgrade?

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A) UPGRADE is a license upgrade from your current product to another, more advanced AVG product at a discounted price (the actual price can be verified in the Renewal Center). Examples:

  • Upgrade from AVG Anti-Virus to AVG Internet Security
  • or from AVG LiveKive 25 GB to AVG LiveKive Unlimited
The upgrade order can be placed online, or by contacting AVG Authorized Parners/Distibutors, or by contacting the local reseller whom you purchased your original AVG product from. Once you receive your new AVG License Number, you can activate it as described in the FAQ 5168.

Please note that the new license will expire at the same time as the original product.

B) All customers can perform a PROGRAM UPGRADE to the latest AVG version present at the market, e.g. upgrade from AVG Anti-Virus 2011 to AVG Anti-Virus 2012. This program upgrade is FREE of charge. The expiration date remains unchanged.

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