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Information in a test result

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AVG scan is able to detect files which may not be infected, but are suspicious. These files are reported either as Warning (described in FAQ 2344), or as Information. The severity Information can be reported for one of the following reasons:

  • Run-time packed
    The file was packed with one of less common run-time packers, which may indicate an attempt to prevent scanning of such file. However, not every report of such file indicates a virus.
  • Run-time packed recursive
    Similar to above, however less frequent amongst common software. Such files are suspicious and their removal or submission for analysis should be considered.
  • Password protected archive or document
    Password protected files can not be scanned by AVG (or generally any other Anti-Malware program). For more information, see FAQ 2333.
  • Document with macros
    The reported document contains macros, which may be malicious.
  • Hidden extension
    Files with hidden extension may appear to be e.g. pictures, but in fact they are executable files (e.g. picture.jpg.exe). The second extension is not visible in Windows by default, and AVG reports such files to prevent their accidental opening.
  • Improper file path
    If some important system file is running from other than default path (e.g. winlogon.exe running from other than Windows folder), AVG reports this discrepancy. In some cases, viruses use names of standard system processes to make their presence less apparent in the system.
  • Locked file
    The reported file is locked, thus cannot be scanned by AVG. This usually means that some file is constantly being used by the system (e.g. swap file).
  • The file is signed with a broken digital signature
    The reported file was signed with a digital certificate ensuring its integrity. However due to changes to it, the certificate no longer corresponds with the content. This might happen when file is infected but also when it was incorrectly updated, broken due to some error or when the digital signature expired.

If you wish, you can adjust the AVG test settings in such way, that only the information you are interested in are reported:

  • Open AVG User Interface.
  • Click on Scan options.
  • Click Change scan settings of the selected test.
  • Select the Set additional scan reports... and adjust the reporting.
  • Alternatively, you can change these settings in menu Tools -> Advanced settings.

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