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Options when scheduling scan or program update

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When scheduling scans or program update the following additional options are available:

  • Open the AVG program.
  • On the Tools menu select Advanced Settings.
  • Navigate to the Schedules branch.

Run at specific time interval
The following options are available:

  • Every day
    Scheduled task will run every day at a specified time.
  • Selected days
    In this case it is possible to check/uncheck one or more days in the week. Then the scheduled task will run on checked days at a specified time.
  • Every selected day in month
    If this is set, then it is possible to select on which exact day of month will the schedule run. Same as the previous options, the scheduled task will run on the selected day at a specified time.

Run on computer startup if task has been missed
If you schedule the scan to run at a specific time, you can check this option to ensure that the scan will be performed subsequently in case the computer is turned off at the scheduled time.

Run even if computer is in low power mode
Check this option to specify that the scan should be performed even if the computer is running on battery at the scheduled time.

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