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Resident Shield - what is it?

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The Resident Shield component gives your computer continuous protection. It scans every single file that is being opened, saved, or copied, and guards the system areas of the computer. Normally, you do not even notice the process, as it runs "in the background", and you only get notified when threats are found; at the same time, the Resident Shield blocks activation of the threat and removes it.

The Resident Shield is loaded in the memory of your computer during startup, and it is vital that you keep it switched on at all times.

What the Resident Shield can do:

  • Scan for specific kinds of possible threats 
  • Scan removable media (flash disk etc.) 
  • Scan files with specific extensions or without extensions at all 
  • Allow exceptions from scanning – specific files or folders that should never be scanned

For more information regarding AVG Resident Shield please refer to documentation available here.

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