AVG Vault

Stores, secures, syncs. Simply.

All your valuables in one place

Free advanced security for storing
and syncing your private data

AVG Vault lets you easily and quickly secure your most personal digital valuables, like credit card details, PIN codes, official IDs, pictures, private notes and files and so you can store them on your mobile device and sync them with either Dropbox™ or Google Drive™.

Security made easy

AVG Vault makes encrypting your most important data easy,
so you never have to worry about carrying it on your mobile devices

We take security seriously, so we’ve made sure that anything you put in your AVG Vault is secured using the same
256 Advanced Encryption Standard widely adopted by banks, financial institutions and governments the world over. Only you hold the password to unlock your vault—not even AVG knows it.


Store private data
locally on your device


Advanced security for
your private stuff


With storage services such as Google Drive or


Quick to set up,
easy to use

Whatever you need kept
private, wherever you are

Syncs across all your devices seamlessly with
Dropbox & Google Drive

AVG Vault was designed to keep your important personal files safe and at your fingertips no matter what device you use, so you can quickly access them when you're on the go. And get full peace of mind knowing an encrypted copy of your data is safely backed up in the cloud.

Store, Secure & Sync

Store any file

Safely store credit card details, PINs, passwords, IDs or photos; and on Android™ any other digital file you can think of.

Secure encryption made easy

Get powerful 256 AES encryption, with none of the hassle.

Dropbox or Google Drive

Syncs encrypted backups to Dropbox or Google Drive.

AVG Vault

Stores, secures, syncs.

Whatever your device, we ve got you covered.