DNS/404 Redirect

If you happen to mistype an address to a webpage or try to go to a website that does not exist, AVG provides you with a redirect page that is meant to help provide you some suggestions to the actual webpage or information you were trying to find, including a AVG Secure Search Box to help you search for what you are looking for.

If you would like to prevent these helpful redirect pages from coming up, you may easily remove them by following these steps:

  • 1. From the redirect page, click the "options page" link at the bottom of the page:

    Or, from the Toolbar you can click on the AVG logo drop down, and then click on Options

  • 2. Once the Options Dialog has opened, click the "Advanced Options" Tab
  • 3. Simply uncheck the box that says: "Let AVG make suggestions on browser navigation errors (404/DNS)", and click OK:
Note: To access the Toolbar Options, be sure that the AVG Toolbar is visible in your browser. Click on View > Toolbars and make sure AVG Security Toolbar is checked.