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AVG Business Managed Workplace

Simpler and faster than you imagined. Comprehensive managed IT solutions to build your business.

Advanced business solutions for MSPs

Everything you need to keep business growing, running and secure

Time and resources are key to growing your business and with Managed Workplace we’ve taken every opportunity to simplify and integrate the features you use. We’ve added intelligence to minimize repetitive activities thereby reducing your resource load and allowing you to focus on high-value activities.

Managed Workplace is more than just remote monitoring and management. It’s comprehensive IT software with integrated SSO, simplified deployment, instant monitoring, intelligent alerts, synchronized PSA filtering, backup and disaster recovery (BDR), and a simple modern dashboard that lets you quickly and easily monitor your clients’ systems.

Feature icon - Secure Single Sign On

Secure Single Sign On

Feature icon - Antivirus


Feature icon - Remote Remediation

Remote Remediation

Feature icon - Amazon Hosting Platform

Amazon Hosting Platform

Feature icon - Custom Intelligent Alerts

Custom Intelligent Alerts

Feature icon - Synchronized PSA Tickets

Synchronized PSA Tickets

Feature icon - Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management

Feature icon - Backup and Disaster Recovery

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Comprehensive data protection platform

AVG Business and Infrascale have joined forces to offer a comprehensive solution for cloud backup, archive, disaster recovery, and file sharing. One solution manages it all and reduces the cost and complexity.

Open Ecosystem and modules

Flexible integration of service and policy modules extend your service offering

Our partner agnostic ecosystem allows integration with virtually any third party solution vendor.


Mobile Device Management

Solve security concerns simply

Whether the mobile devices are company owned or personal
(BYOD), managing the devices themselves as well as the data on
them is vital for your clients.

  • Real time alerts
  • Agentless iOS® and Android™ monitoring and management
  • Lost device protection
  • Rapid device provisioning
  • Configuration profiles
  • Mobile service manager

The complete managed IT business solution

From trusted leaders in security

AVG Business Managed Workplace

Hybrid Architecture
Flexible deployment options to suit any network topology
Predictive Failure Monitoring
Avoid failures with early warning alerts for 500+ applications and device types
Trouble Ticketing
Help Desk Ticketing and PSA Integration
Reactive Support Tools
Diagnose and remediate issues without disrupting end-users
Proactive Automation
Automate recurring system maintenance
AVG AntiVirus
Embedded AVG AntiVirus
Backup and Disaster Recovery
Complete data backup and restore for physical, mobile and virtual devices
Windows & 3rd Party Patching
Automate testing and deployment of Windows and 3rd party patches
Mobile Device Management
Configuration, provisioning, backup and policy management
Open Ecosystem
Seamless integration with existing services and applications
Cloud and Virtualization Management
Office 365 and private cloud monitoring and management
Customized Reporting
Concise and detailed reporting to show the real value of your service
Cloud Based Secure Single Sign on
Secure user access to web and apps

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