It seems that the number you have entered is expired. This page will help you solve this issue.

What’s the SECOND CHARACTER of your license number?

Second character is M or I

Please retrieve your active license number by filling in the License Retrieval Form and then try to activate/install your AVG program using the license number you just received to your registered email address.

Second character is E

You entered a temporary sales number to the AVG program. To get your full license number that will be valid for the whole period you purchased, it is necessary to register.

  1. Insert your temporary sales number to the appropriate field at the registration page and click Continue.
  2. Fill in the registration form. Please insert a valid email address, we will send there your new license number.

After confirming the form, your new full license number will be displayed and will be also sent to the registered email address. Activate or install your AVG program by using the new number.

Second character is Y or anything else

Please contact AVG Customer Services. Our representatives will be happy to assist you.

Check your system time and date if it is set correctly.