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How to fix the error sign in AVG system tray icon

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If the AVG icon in system tray shows error state (AVG icon with yellow exclamation mark), it means that one or more AVG components are not fully functional. Double-click the icon to open the AVG program, the deactivated component or components will be highlighted.

As the first step, always try pressing Click to fix it or Click to fix it all in the upper part of your AVG program. Most issues can be solved automatically. If the issue persists, select the solution from the list below:

  • Error: Not protected / Not fully protected
    This error is displayed in case that a component or its part is inactive, i.e. was disabled intentionally or cannot be started.
    Solution: Click the component and switch to Enabled for all parts of the component.
  • Error: Database is outdated
    Error is usually indicating outdated state of the Computer protection and/or Web browsing protection components. The message is displayed in case that the database is older than one week.
    Solution: In the AVG program, click Update now. If the error persists, please refer to FAQ 5233 - Message: "Database is outdated" in AVG.
  • Error: Disabled
    This error is usually indicating inactive state of the Firewall component. Firewall was disabled manually or its service could not start.
    Solution: Click the Firewall component. The reason and/or suggested solution are mentioned in the component details. 
  • License issues
    Error messages related to your license are usually displayed when the license is expired, when your system date is incorrect, or when AVG cannot read the license record correctly.
    Solution: Please refer to FAQ 5184 - My license number is not working.

If it is not possible to fix AVG as suggested above, please follow the steps described in FAQ 5173 - How to repair AVG.

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