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List of AVG commandline scan parameters

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AVG scan can be also started from the commandline (both in Windows and DOS environment) without user interface. This can be used to call and execute the scan from other applications (e.g. Windows Scheduler, Winrar, ...).

AVG scan executable file is located in the installation folder under name avgscanx.exe or avgscana.exe (Default installation folder is C:\Program Files\AVG\AVG2012 or C:\Program Files (x86)\AVG\AVG2012). The avgscan?.exe needs to be started with parameters to specify setting for the scan. You can get list of all parameters by starting it with the /Help parameter or see the following list:

  • /SCAN - starts scan. You need to specify path to be scanned. e.g. /SCAN=path;path/
  • /COMP - starts scan of the whole computer
  • /HEUR - toggles use of heuristic analysis
  • /EXCLUDE - will exclude path or files from scan e.g. /EXLUDE=path;path/
  • /@ - specifies path to text file that contains parameters for scan
  • /EXT - specifies extensions to be scanned e.g /EXT=EXE,DLL/
  • /NOEXT - exludes extensions from scan e.g. /NOEXT=JPG/
  • /ARC - toggles archives scanning
  • /CLEAN - toggles automatic healing
  • /TRASH - move infected files to the Virus Vault
  • /QT - starts only Quick test
  • /LOG - generates a scan result file
  • /MACROW - toggles macros reportiong
  • /PWDW - toggles password-protected files reporting
  • /ARCBOMBSW - toggles archive bombs (repeatedly compressed archives) reporting
  • /IGNLOCKED - Ignores locked files
  • /REPORT - saves report to a file specified file
  • /REPAPPEND - append to the report file
  • /REPOK - report uninfected files as OK
  • /NOBREAK - do not allow CTRL-BREAK to abort
  • /BOOT - enables MBR/BOOT check
  • /PROC - toggles active processes scanning
  • /PUP - toggles "Potentially unwanted programs" reporting
  • /REG - toggles registry scan
  • /COO - toggles Tracking Cookies scan
  • /? - displays help on this topic
  • /HELP - displays help on this topic
  • /PRIORITY - sets scan priority  - Low, Auto or High
  • /SHUTDOWN - shutdowns computer upon scan completion
  • /FORCESHUTDOWN - forces computer shutdown upon scan completion
  • /ADS - toggles scan of Alternate Data Streams (NTFS only)
  • /HIDDEN - reports files with hidden extension
  • /INFECTABLEONLY - scans files with infectable extensions only
  • /THOROUGHSCAN - enables thorough scanning
  • /CLOUDCHECK - checks for false positives

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