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Using AVG together with other security software products

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We do not recommend using AVG together with other security software. If you start installing AVG and a conflicting application is detected, you will be informed about this. The message will contain the name of the application and a suggestion to remove it.

Even in situations where no message is shown during installation of AVG, or if you install a conflicting security software after you've installed AVG, you may encounter an incorrect behavior from one or all security programs, such as:

  • Errors when running a scan or removing an infection.
  • False detection of parts of the conflicting application.
  • Incorrect detection of viruses, or undetected viruses.
  • Issues with Internet connection, access to email and other web services.

Examples of potentially conflicting security applications are:

  • Microsoft Security Essentials
  • Norton products
  • McAfee products
  • Avast products
  • Avira products

To troubleshoot situations with a conflicting software, please visit the article How to uninstall conflicting anti-virus productsAVG installation detects already removed conflicting application and AVG conflicting applications.

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