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Using the File Extension Blocking feature

FAQ » Technical FAQ » AVG Family Safety » Parental Controls » Using the File Extension Blocking feature

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The File Extension Blocking feature blocks web pictures and various media files that display on good sites but are linked to objectionable sites. This filter will also block direct URLs with various media-type file extensions that are hosted on objectionable sites. 

Note: You may notice some slowdown in web browsing when utilizing File Extension Blocking.

To turn ON File Extension Blocking:

  1. Select the Parental Controls tab from the Services tabs.
  2. Select the Options tab from the Features tabs.
  3. Drag the scroll bar to show the "File Extension Blocking" option in the window provided.
  4. The default setting for this feature is OFF. Click the red OFF indicator to display the green ON. File Extension Blocking is now enabled.
  5. Click Save to preserve your settings.

Note: If you navigate away from this section before saving your changes, the Save Changes message appears.
All changes made will be applied to the highlighted profile only.

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