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AVG installation and update on server fails because of incorrect license number

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Note: This FAQ article is intended for server operating systems only.

In specific situations, AVG installation or update on a server can fail with the following message:

Severity: Error
Error code: 0xC0070643
Error message: General internal error.
Additional message: ProcessAvgLicense: Processing license failed (0xE0010406)
Context: MSI custom action

The error may be caused by using an incorrect AVG license number on your server, i.e. home security AVG or AVG Free edition license. Please activate your AVG with a license number matching with your AVG edition, as described in FAQ 3583.

In case that AVG was previously installed on a server using an incorrect license, also following error can be displayed when re-activating the license number:

An error occurred when saving the configuration.
The license number does not allow using of the product on this operating system.

To solve the issue, it is necessary to uninstall AVG and then to install it again with an appropriate license number:

  • The installation package is available in the Download section of our website (filename of the package needed for the installation on a server starts with letters avg_msw)
  • General instructions for AVG 2011 installation are available in FAQ 3250
  • Recommendations for installing AVG on server operating systems can be found in FAQ 3266

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