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What is AVG PC Tuneup?

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AVG PC TuneUp is a computer maintenance and optimization tool that you can install together with AVG.

This standalone application analyzes and fixes different issues that might occur on your computer, speeding up the system and making it more secure.

There is a lot of tools in AVG PC TuneUp, that can help you to fix and speed up your computer:

  • Optimize
    • Disable or uninstall programs
    • Optimize registry
  • Clean up
    • Gain disk space and find duplicate files
    • Analyze storage usage
  • Fix problems
    • Check system for problems and fix them
    • Manage processes
  • Personalize
    • Modify Windows settings
    • Change Windows appearance

You are able to switch between three optimization modes:

  • Economy mode - intelligent mode for saving energy
  • Standard mode - default settings
  • Turbo mode - customized performance boost for your system

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