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How to report an incorrect detection by AVG?

FAQ » Virus FAQ » How to report an incorrect detection by AVG?

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To report an incorrect detection by AVG please use the false detection submission form.

Note: If the file was removed by AVG, you may need to restore it from AVG Virus Vault, as described in the article How to restore or remove a file from the Virus Vault.

  1. Visit the page
  2. In Choose an appropriate request type select the type of false detection.
  3. Fill in Details about the problem.
  4. Click Choose file, browse to the incorrectly detected file, and then click Open.
    Note: In case AVG prevents you from opening the file, you can disable it temporarily as described in the article How to disable AVG.
  5. Type the verification code, and then click Submit query.

Special cases of incorrect detection:

Registry detection

To export and send us an incorrectly detected registry key:

  1. Open Start menu, click Run (only Windows XP), type "regedit", and then press Enter.
  2. Browse to the incorrectly detected key.
  3. Right-click the key, and then click Export. Save the export e.g. to Desktop.
  4. Attach the exported registry key to your report as describe above.

Identity Protection detection

If an application is detected by AVG Identity Protection when you try to install that application, please submit the installation file as described above. 

For applications that are detected and removed by AVG Identity Protection please submit the Identity Protection detection file, stored in the following folder:

Windows XP:
AVG 2014: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\AVG 2014\IDS\quarantine\
AVG 2013: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\AVG 2013\IDS\quarantine\

Windows Vista/7/8:
AVG 2014: C:\ProgramData\AVG 2014\IDS\quarantine\
AVG 2013: C:\ProgramData\AVG 2013\IDS\quarantine\

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