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What is a Trojan horse?

FAQ » Virus FAQ » What is a Trojan horse?

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A Trojan horse is a malicious application that is designed to enable remote access to the target computer system. Trojan horses cannot automatically replicate themselves. After installing a Trojan horse, it is possible for hackers to access the computer remotely and perform various operations. The operations that can be performed are limited by the design of Trojan horse and by user privileges on the attacked operating system. Common operations include:

  • Modification of files
  • Data theft (personal information, credit card information, used passwords...)
  • Keyboard input logging
  • Installation of other software (including malware)

Generally, most Trojan horses can be detected and removed by AVG. The Identity Protection component can also protect the computer against various types of malware, including Trojan Horses, based on behavioral monitoring of running processes.


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