5277 - AVG Safe Search, Secure Search and search ratings


With a recent AVG update, the AVG Safe Search feature was upgraded to AVG Secure Search. The most notable change is that from now you will not see search verdict icons (green check marks) next to search results in your favorite search website.

This change does not reduce your on-line security in any way. When clicking on a dangerous or malicious link, you will be warned about this fact by AVG LinkScanner technology regardless of whether the link is in a search result, or on any webpage on the Internet.

In addition to the protection provided by AVG LinkScanner, you can now take advantage of a new level of protection called AVG Secure Search. This feature is available from your browser search box (if selected during installation of AVG) or at http://isearch.avg.com. AVG Secure Search is a Google-powered search with an embedded search results rating. Because this rating happens directly on AVG servers rather than on your computer, results are always up-to-date.