• What's AVG Family Safety?

    AVG Family Safety keeps your children safe from unsuitable websites, monitors their searches, and helps prevent cyber bullying and grooming on their computer.

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  • AVG Family Safety – the key benefits

    Safer surfing and searching

    Safer surfing and searching

    Filter objectionable material according to your child’s age and maturity.


    Anti-bullying & grooming

    Be the first to know if your child is a victim of cyber-bullying or grooming.

    Adaptable profiles

    Adaptable profiles

    Create unique accounts for every child and adjust them as they grow.

    Real-time alerts

    Real-time alerts

    Receive detailed, easy-to-read email reports on your home or work computer.

  • How AVG Family Safety Works

    Learn all about how AVG Family Safety works in this informative video.

AVG Family Safety at a glance

AVG Family Safety at a glance
  • Set up profiles by child

    Create unique logins and accounts for every child, enable Block, Warn, or Monitor modes according to their age and maturity, and adjust them over time.

  • Keep an eye on content

    Know what your children are looking for by monitoring searches on popular engines like Google®, Yahoo! and Bing. Help keep them from being exposed to questionable words, terms, and phrases.

  • See what they’re up to on Facebook

    Protect your children by filtering objectionable material from over 80 social networks like Facebook, restricting access to chat rooms, and monitoring instant messages and social network threads.

  • Manage time online & access to apps

    Make sure your children aren’t spending too much time online by scheduling or limiting their Internet access.

  • 33%

    of online teens have been cyberbullied.

  • 38%

    of girls using the Internet have experienced harassment online.

  • 73%

    of online teens are on social networking sites.

  • 89%

    of online teens use the web at home.

  • 97%

    of online teens play computer, web, portable, or console games.

These stats come from various reports based on research by Pew Internet and American Life Project www.pewinternet.org

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