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AVG Remote Administration 2012

Manage your whole network from one place.

Installation files (paid version)

Name Version Type Date Size
AVG Admin for Windows (32bit)
2012.2118 exe November 23, 2014 52 MB
AVG Admin for Windows (64bit)
2012.2118 exe November 23, 2014 64 MB
AVG Admin Server for Linux
2012.2052 sh January 31, 2012 8 MB
AVG Admin Server for Linux
2012.2052 tar.gz January 31, 2012 8 MB


Looking for updates?

You can also perform updates using the Update now option within the menu that opens after right mouse button clicking over the AVG icon located on the system tray.

OS Name Description Date Size
os: All Iavi: 9110 Virus definitions. April 24, 2015 106 MB
os: All Ifw: 235 Definitions for firewall. May 13, 2014 619 kB
os: All Ichjw: 4 Database of safe applications. May 31, 2011 110 kB
os: All Idat: 304 Definitions for Identity Protection. April 16, 2015 231 kB
os: All Link Scanner: 2651 Link Scanner DB full. April 24, 2015 865 kB
os: Windows_32 Windows x32: 4311 Core module. 4 MB
os: Windows_64 Windows x64: 4311 Core module. 8 MB
os: Windows_64 Windows x64: 2250 All necessary modules. 101 MB
os: Windows_32 Windows x32: 2250 All necessary modules. 88 MB
os: Windows_64 AVG Admin server Windows x64: 2114 All necessary modules. 5 MB
os: Windows_32 AVG Admin server Windows x32: 2114 All necessary modules. 4 MB