Speed up your PC and save 41%

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AVG PC TuneUp® Benefits

  • Speed up your hard drive
  • Clean up your computer
  • Uninstall programs easily
  • Monitor running programs
  • Free up your hard drive
  • Tweak 280+ Windows settings
  • Recover data from problem sectors
  • Manage startup programs
  • Find duplicate files
  • Free up system resources

Speed up your PC and much more:

Speed up your hard drive

Get the most out of your hard drive by defragmenting files so they can be read and written faster. This will help maximize application response time, system boot speed and overall computer performance.

Protect your privacy

Your actions are recorded in temporary files, cookies and your system’s registry every time you access documents, surf the ‘net, or run various programs. This means anyone using your computer can easily learn which websites you’ve visited, or which files, images and applications you’ve opened lately. AVG PC TuneUp® protects your privacy by removing this information from your computer.

Clean up your hard drives

Scan your hard drives for junk files, temporary files and other clutter then remove them permanently to free up disk space and optimize your computer's performance. If you're not sure which folders to scan and don't want to delete something you might need later, simply choose the "Check Safe Only" option which makes sure no valuable data is deleted.

Recover lost files

Recover accidentally deleted files and files lost due to virus attacks or software errors. You can even preview photos and documents while searching through the list of recovered files.

Clean your registry

Scan your registry for problems and repair all errors to keep your computer from slowing down, freezing or crashing. There is no risk involved as all changes made are backed up and can be undone quickly and easily.

Delete files forever

Deleted files or folders can be easily restored with data recovery software, which means sensitive information you thought was gone forever can be accessed by prying eyes. With PC Tuneup, however, you can delete files, folders, and Recycle Bin contents once and for all.

Uninstall programs easily

See which programs are installed on your computer and remove the ones you no longer want or need. Launch PC Tuneup's uninstall wizard and remove the unwanted application with a quick uninstall or delete it from your registry for good.

Increase your Internet speed

Tweak your system's settings to maximize your Internet speed. You can even test them before applying any changes. It's simple to use and offers clear explanations about each setting to be modified. More advanced users can change their settings manually.

Monitor programs running in the background

Monitor all running applications and processes by analyzing a program's CPU, RAM and disk usage, as well as its overall utilization of system recourses. You can also optimize a given application's speed by granting it a higher level of priority of system resource usage.

Free up your hard drive

Monitor your computer's disk space with a simple pie chart that shows you the largest files and folders on your system. Free up additional space on your disk whenever you need to by selecting your "Top 100 files" list to see which files are taking up the most of your hard drive space and saving the ones you don't need to a CD, DVD, or removable drive.

Tweak 280+ Windows settings

Customize over 280 settings in your Windows, web browsers, email clients and IM software. All settings come with clear descriptions of their respective functions, as well as a tweak rating which lets you know just how much or little changing the particular setting will affect your system's speed and performance.

Recover data from problem sectors

Identify problem sectors, lost clusters and directory errors. Run this tool once a month to recover data and monitor your hard drive's overall health.

Manage startup programs

Manage all the programs that start automatically when you boot up Windows or log on to your PC by adding new programs or removing unnecessary applications. Reduce the number of programs that start automatically to free up system resources, or disable a program before removing it to see what effect it will have on your system.

Find duplicate files

Find and eliminate duplicate files to free up disk space and increase computer speed. Deleting duplicate files will also shorten the time it takes to defragment your disks and run antivirus scans.

Free up system resources

Free up your computer's resources by disabling unnecessary services that use up valuable memory, CPU and disk space.

Compact your registry

Defragment and compact your registry by getting rid of its fragmentation, unused spaces and structural defects. You'll use less memory and optimize your registry's speed. A detailed report is available as well once defragmentation is complete.

Know your system

Get a comprehensive report of your computer system detailing its hardware configuration, operating system details, and all programs and drivers you have installed on your system. Invaluable when needing to provide a technical support team with crucial information about your PC.

Rescue Center

Save all the changes PC Tuneup makes and restore your system to its original state should any problems arise.

AVG PC TuneUp® reviews:

AVG PC TuneUp® 2016 is an extremely strong maintenance and optimisation suite, an entire library of essential apps in a single, very reasonably priced package.

If you're looking to turn back the clock on a worn laptop, AVG PC TuneUp® 2016 offers robust system-cleaning performance.

Happy customers:

You're the best thing that ever happened to me and my computer. My computer is running much faster now. Users who are looking for an effective and easy-to-use application to keep their system in tip-top shape should try this one out.

Allen Lleshi

I used PC Tuneup for the first time yesterday. Man what a difference it has made to my computer. It’s like it’s brand new again. Another thumbs up for AVG, the best there is out there. Thanks!!!!!

Joe Wightman

100% Money Back Guarantee

If, for any reason, you are not pleased with AVG PC TuneUp® contact our customer support team within 30 days of purchase and we will refund the full purchase price.

* Two year license discount is the difference between two full priced one year licenses and the two year license offer price.