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Now there’s no need to visit each computer or office to manage your protection. With AVG Remote Administration, you can manage your whole business network from one place.

The experts at Tolly have rated our remote administration as one of the fastest to use in the market1. So whether you’re the IT expert in your business by choice or by default, AVG Remote Administration ensures that your network security does its job without getting in the way of everything else that’s on your plate.

Spend less time managing your security, more time on your business

Focus on improving your business by using one of the fastest to manage security products on the market.

AVG is rated as one of the fastest network security products on the market by the experts at Tolly. Our easy-to-use console lets you manage your network security with just a few clicks and schedule a scan or clean a remote computer in less than a minute

AVG’s Admin widget is a simple tool that sits on your desktop. It immediately alerts you if there are any non-compliant machines and lets you take action with just a couple of clicks

Install protection on a remote computer

Thanks to AVG’s Network Installer, you can remotely install protection on any computer that’s on your network, and monitor the installation.

Automatically scan your network for viruses

Rest assured about keeping your network clean, thanks to the automatic scanning.

You can schedule regular automatic scans of individual computers, groups, or your entire network. Alternatively you can manually schedule a scan for a more hands on approach.

Monitor your whole network with our improved reporting tools

Our reporting tools allow you to easily monitor and optimize your business protection.

Our improved graphical reports let you view performance statistics and make improvements to your protection policies. You can view reports for your whole business, or create reports for specific computers and servers.

Prevent viruses from other networks spreading to your business

As soon as a computer connects to your network, it is checked for viruses and the protection is updated.

If an infection is found, AVG cleans the computer. If no protection is present, the computer will be flagged as non-compliant. The latest endpoint protection can then be automatically deployed and configured in line with the relevant policies for that user.

Automatically apply changes across your whole network

Thanks to direct integration with Active Directory and other LDAP services, policy tweaks to group or individual policies are automatically applied to every machine within that policy.


PRR Plus

“AVG has helped significantly reduce approximately 37% unscheduled downtime and has freed customer to get on with the business of business, not crisis”.

Pam Rodgers, Managing Director, PRR plus

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City of Brentwood

"We spend 90% less time managing anti-virus with AVG. The efficiencies we gain from using AVG mean valuable time we can spend on other IT projects to meet the needs of our constituents."

John Allman, Technology Director, City of Brentwood

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Force India

"Now that everyone has experienced how much more efficient AVG is at work, we’ve been inundated by colleagues wanting us to uninstall their existing software on their private home laptops and install AVG for them."

Adrian Collinson, Head of IT, Force India

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Maricopa Schools

"AVG never lets anything in. It just seems to catch everything. It uses minimal resources while it’s scanning. That makes me a lot more productive as well as everyone else that uses a machine at the school district. It basically eliminates any downtime."

Al Allen, Network Administrator/Technology Director, Maricopa Unified School District

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Virgin Digital Help

"AVG brings Virgin Digital Help the brand of choice for those who know what’s what in Internet Security along with a loyal client base of 110 million users created almost entirely through word of mouth."

Tim Dowling, Marketing & Customer Operations Director, Virgin Digital Help

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Waingels College

"Internet security shouldn’t take up time – it’s important, but if it just gets on and does its job, and has been designed well, you should be able to forget about it. That has been our experience with AVG over the past 5 years."

Simon Mills, Network Manager, Waingels

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R&O Construction

"AVG Anti-Virus Business Edition is a great product. If you are looking for a dependable, full featured anti-virus solution, with centralized management, that is easy to configure, AVG is a great option. You can have it installed and up and running across your domain in just a few hours."

Jim Sisco, Network Administrator, R&O Construction

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SC Magazine

"AVG offers a well-featured network protection package that is easy to manage and looks good value for smaller businesses. Plenty of security features, good centralised management with group policies, improved installation and very good value"

Dave Mitchell, SC Magazine

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Tolly Testing Labs

"Testing showed that, with AVG, users can save valuable time in managing their security solution – time that can be better used to focus on their business. With AVG, they can rest assured that they have a solution that is one of the easiest-to-use for most common tasks, such as running scans, installing across a small business network, etc."

Tolly Test Report

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The Remote Administration package comprises four components that work together to deliver "one of the fastest products on the market … saving business owners and IT professionals valuable time", according to independent tests conducted by Tolly. You can download the full report here.

AVG Admin Console

The Admin Console gives you instant access to the status of every system that’s covered by AVG protection:

  • Display detailed statistics for any workstation using the new Microsoft SharePoint plugin
  • Remotely shut down, remediate, and restart infected or un(der)protected machines
  • Configure and run easy-to-use graphical status reports
  • Preview and print test results for any individual workstation
  • Configure regular scans, matching frequency to relative vulnerability of different individuals or groups as configured in your Active Directory or other LDAP service
  • Synchronizes directory policies with security settings
  • Schedule and deploy automatic updates for local, mobile, and remote workers, even when disconnected from the network
  • Customize endpoint notifications
  • Manage the contents of the virus vault

AVG Network Installer

The integrated Network installer enables you to add endpoints for remote installation and monitor installation status:

  • One-click network scan to discover unprotected endpoints
  • Export list of protected or unprotected endpoints for inclusion in reports
  • Initiate deployment of AVG protection to all unprotected endpoints
  • Add endpoints using domains or IP ranges

AVG DataCenter

The DataCenter is the primary data storage component for configuration and scheduling information, logs, reports, and policy information. It can be deployed using a number of different database systems:

  • Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle 10g/11g
  • MySQL 5

If you do not have an existing database infrastructure, AVG provides Firebird, which is appropriate for networks of up to 150 workstations, as a standard component of AVG network solutions.

AVG Admin Server

The Admin Server is used to secure communication between the AVG-protected endpoints and the AVG DataCenter on the server. All communications are encrypted.

  • Controls server settings and alerts on invalid SMTP logins
  • Acts as a proxy server to download and distribute updates to endpoints within the local network
  • Synchronizes firewall settings for optimized performance
  • Ensures efficient data storage methods for better control over database size


Two video tutorials are available to show how AVG Remote Administration helps you minimize the time you need to devote to managing security issues:

Computer Hardware

Minimum system requirements

Processor Intel Pentium 1.5 GHz
Memory 512 MB of RAM
Hard disk free space (for installation) 400 MB

Operating systems

AVG Remote Administration is compatible with:

Operating SystemAVG Admin
MS Windows XPYes
MS Windows XP Pro x64 EditionYes
MS Windows VistaYes
MS Windows Vista x64 EditionYes
MS Windows 7Yes
MS Windows 7 x64 EditionYes
MS Windows 8Yes
MS Windows 8 x64Yes
MS Windows Server 2003Yes
MS Windows Server 2003 x64 EditionYes
MS Windows Server 2003 R2Yes
MS Windows Server 2008Yes
MS Windows Server 2008 x64 EditionYes
MS Windows Server 2008 R2Yes
MS Windows Small Business Edition server 2011Yes
MS Windows Small Business Edition server 2012Yes
ApplicationAVG Admin
MS SharePoint Services 2.0/3.0Yes
MS SharePoint Server 2003/2007Yes
MS SharePoint Server 2010Yes


AVG Remote Administration is available in the following languages:

LanguageAVG Admin
Brazilian PortugueseYes
Chinese TraditionalYes
Chinese SimplifiedYes
Portuguese (Portugal)Yes

The Remote Administration Console integrates directly with:

The AVG Data Center can be deployed using a number of different database systems:

  • Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle 10g/11g
  • MySQL 5