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AVG Anti-Virus is a great choice for non-profit and government institutions. Offering up a substantial discount on our award winning protection isn't all we do for you, we throw in no cost unlimited technical support from our offices in the United States as well.

Why Choose AVG?

  • AVG uses less system resources than other security products
  • Doesn’t slow down your system or network
  • Updates quickly and invisibly

Ease of Use

  • Simple/Easy interface and policy creation
  • Install footprint is half of most competitive administration

The only “real time” Internet Security Solution

  • Linkscanner technology does not allow a file to download to the computer before
  • being scanned and verified.

Low cost, great value

  • Aggressive and highly competitive pricing for your non-profit or government institution.

No support agreements to buy

  • We include telephone, email, and remote control support from the US at no additional charge.

Free updates and version upgrades for entire license term

  • 1, 2, 3 year license terms available

Ready to learn more?

or Call us at 855-738-1284