Midwest Palliative and Hospice Care Center Entrusts Mighty Network Security to AVG Anti-Virus

Chicago-area nonprofit cites discounts and “hands off” management console as reasons for purchasing AVG Anti-Virus

Newton, NC – Date—Paul Slager is the Network Administrator for Midwest Palliative & Hospice CareCenter located in Glenview, Illinois. Midwest is a nonprofit health care organization that focuses on hospice and palliative care. Slager has managed the 500 workstations and over 30 Microsoft servers at Midwest for about two and a half years.

With most of the 500 users at Midwest doctors and nurses, IT security has to be rock solid.

"I just want to insure that there is no tradeoff of usability for security," Slager said. "I have to make sure that our users have access to all their applications and devices in a secure manner. And of course I also have to make sure we knock down viruses and maintain perimeter security."

But when Slager arrived on the scene at Midwest, the hospice care center was operating with Symantec as a security solution. Slager began to encounter problems with the software and knew he needed to search for a new provider.

"The big problem we had with Symantec was mainly the management function, which was really weak,” Slager said. “We were also noticing that Symantec was taking up a lot of processing power on each user’s computer."

Slager wanted to find an anti-virus solution that would maintain security of sensitive files, but would also allow users to work without interruption.

AVG Anti-Virus: The Right Solution

"I heard about how great AVG Anti-Virus software was already, and so when I looked for a replacement, I wanted to test out it out first to see if it would fit our needs. I focused heavily on the administrative console because that was one of the most important factors for me. With over 500 workstations it was imperative that I had a way to make sure each computer was secure without having to physically visit each one on campus," he said.

Slager said after he liked the AVG ADMIN console, the low price point was what sealed the deal. He passed off his decision to the director of their IT department, who then purchased the licenses at a special rate via AVGs special rates for nonprofits.

Slager said that, although he couldn’t be happier with AVG Anti-Virus, in the beginning he had to turn to the support team at AVG for help.

"There were a few kinks that I didn’t know how to smooth out," Slager remembered. "The AVG support team remotely connected into our server and told me how to fix the problem. It was simple and easy and we were able to figure out what was wrong and fix it quickly. And, I didn’t have to pay a dime for that great service."

But what Slager loves most about AVG Anti-Virus, is that all he has to do is sit back and it basically manages itself. With that "hands off" type of supervision, he has more time to spend resolving other IT problems within his organization.

"AVG Anti-Virus has been great, and very easy to manage," Slager said. "I would definitely recommend it to a friend!"

About AVG:

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