New Hampshire School District Saves $20,000 with AVG for Education

When the school district couldn’t afford a popular brand of antivirus software, they made the switch to AVG Anti-Virus and saved thousands

Netwon, NC – Date – John Deplanche has dealt with many stressful situations since he was promoted to network administrator of New Hampshire’s School Administrative Unit (SAU) 16 last year, but one of the first and perhaps most memorable, was with network security.

Deplanche and his team oversee SAU 16’s elaborate IT network spanning across 10 schools ranging from grades K-12. The network includes more than 3,000 workstations, 75 servers and 6,600 users.

"Part of my job is to find ways to control costs and IT expenditures, Deplanche explained. "It’s expensive to maintain a network our size."

For about eight years SAU 16 was using another brand of antivirus security software, but as the school grew, so did the network. But the IT budget could not budge.

"Believe it or not, we were under-licensed while using Norton Anti-Virus because we just could not afford enough subscriptions to protect all the computers. Obviously the workstations without anti-virus protection were infested with viruses," he lamented. "Fortunately, our team was able to contain the viruses but this would have never happened if we had had a more affordable security solution in place."

Due to this, one of his first big projects as network administrator was to find a more cost-effective anti-virus solution that would also offer the protection necessary to keep the network free from hostile threats. It was a task he took seriously, arranging thorough research and testing of many of the most popular brands of antivirus software.

Undeniably Less Money, Undeniably Stronger Protection

"We put each of the top antivirus solutions through rigorous testing. AVG Free Edition detected, quarantined and removed viruses every time," he said.

But Deplanche admits there were two other reasons that had greater impact on his decision to choose AVG Anti-Virus.

"Several of our techs used AVG Free Edition at home and raved about the product and the cost of AVG Anti-Virus compared to Norton. So, AVG Anti-Virus was undeniably less money and undeniably stronger protection," he said.

"AVG has a reputation for giving schools excellent discounts on its products. We saved $20,000 between renewing with Norton and purchasing AVG Anti-Virus," Deplanche said. "The significant cost savings, combined with recommendations and potency of the product made AVG Anti-Virus the best choice."

One Last Mountain to Climb

After purchasing 3,000, three-year AVG Anti-Virus licenses for the company’s special division for Education, the SAU 16 tech team was ready to proceed with making the switch.

"We thought we were in the homestretch, recalled Deplanche. "We had no idea the pain we were about to endure. One of the most aggravating situations I’ve encountered as Network Administrator occurred when we tried to uninstall Norton."

Deplache explained that he and his team had to manually uninstall the old product from every one of the 3,000 computers on the network. "We thought it would be easy. Just download Symantec’s automated uninstaller and ‘bam’, you’re done. But the uninstaller was not compatible with the versions of Norton we were running. Our team spent days of our valuable time manually removing Norton from every single one of our 3,000 computers. It was a major pain."

Today, Deplanche is glad all of that is behind him – and glad that he made the decision to use AVG Anti-Virus. "AVG Anti-Virus is easy to install and intuitive to use. It has been working great for us since switching over. No viruses have come through. It’s like AVG Anti-Virus just runs itself and that’s great for us."

About AVG:

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