When Computers Slowed to a Halt, AVG Came to the Rescue

A Missouri school system dumps a resource-hogging security solution for the lighter, quicker, lower-cost alternative

Newport, NC – March 5, 2008 - Richard Becker is the IT Administrator for the Osage County School System in Linn, Missouri. When he came on board four years ago, he quickly found out that he had a mess on his hands. There were multiple different Internet security solutions deployed individually across 325 workstations. Slow performance resulted, cutting student computer time back significantly. One of the first items on his to-do list was to implement one security solution for the entire school system.

"Symantec’s products were causing some of our workstations to run slower than slow,” commented Becker. “They were eating up way too much of our systems’ resources and taking away from the already small amount of time students had in the computer labs. Plus, it was also very frustrating and expensive to keep up with their annual license renewals."

Osage County Schools is a private school system and, because of financial constraints, the students’ workstations were already resource-limited.

"Because of our tight budget, I have only one other person to help me manage all these machines, as well as keep up with maintenance," said Becker. "The Symantec solution was causing my patience to wear pretty thin, what with the updating issues and constant flow of help desk calls as a result of the performance problems."

AVG Anti-Virus is the Answer to His Troubles

A couple of years ago, Becker was reading some posts on a technology listserv run by and for technology coordinators in his area, when he came across references to AVG Anti-Virus that indicated the product was becoming a preferred security product for school systems around the country. The listserv posters were discussing exactly the same problems that Becker had run into.

"My colleagues were talking about well-known security products eating up system resources and said AVG was a breath of fresh air. One poster even described AVG Anti-Virus as ‘nearly invisible’ on workstations by comparison"

When Becker read that AVG Anti-Virus also offered two-year licenses, had a lower price point than the competition, and still provided all the necessary protection and removal capabilities, he decided he needed to learn more.

"It really sounded as if this product might be the answer to our computer security problems," he recalled.

Low Prices and Free Support = Zero Pain

Becker searched around on the Internet, read further into his state listserv, and learned that AVG offered a 50% discount for Education institutions, plus free and unlimited US-based support.

"The free service I could only dream of finding at Symantec at no charge. I used free remote support to help deploy AVG Anti-Virus to all of our workstations. The AVG Anti-Virus support team couldn’t have made it any easier! In no time, we were set up with zero pain on our part."

Now, three years later, Becker reports that Osage County has had no issues with the management and maintenance of AVG Anti-Virus. Becker still enjoys the flexible licensing and the central administration tools that monitor his installation.

"AVG Anti-Virus’ central administration tools have nice reporting features,” he said. “As all information goes to the AVG server, I can easily track down systems that may be suspect and respond to issues before the phone rings at the helpdesk. Then, I can fix the issues from my desk without having to walk across the campus, saving me time that is already very limited."

"The AVG for Education division provides superb support all the way from implementation to general support after years of ongoing use. That team is just wonderful to work with. Our renewal is coming up this spring, and you bet we’ll be renewing it," he said with a grin.

About AVG:

AVG is a global security software maker protecting more than 110 million consumers and small businesses in 170 countries from the ever-growing incidence of web threats, viruses, spam, cyber-scams and hackers on the Internet. AVG has nearly two decades of experience in combating cyber crime and one of the most advanced laboratories for detecting, pre-empting and combating Web-borne threats from around the world. Its free, downloadable software allows novice users to have basic anti-virus protection and then easily upgrade to greater levels of safety and defense when they are ready. AVG has nearly 6,000 resellers, partners and distributors globally including Amazon.com, CNET, Cisco, Ingram Micro, Play.com, Walmart, and Yahoo!.

AVG protects more than 1 million machines in schools across the globe. The AVG for Education division offers exclusive discounts and pricing for Education institutions as well as free and unlimited support to all AVG Education customers. For more information, visit www.avg.com.