NOC & Help Desk Services

AVG Managed Workplace Network Operations Center (NOC) and Help Desk are fully customizable white-label services that help you deliver reliable, 24 x 7 managed services and technical support to your customers, driving increased customer satisfaction and retention, growing your business and expanding your capacity without increasing your staff or infrastructure investments.

AVG Managed Workplace RMM, NOC and Help Desk form a comprehensive, integrated solution to manage the entire client IT experience and respond quickly to your needs. Defined monitoring rules for NOC-managed assets, detailed workflow procedures and automation wherever possible ensures reliability and operational best practices as well as maximum performance and cost advantages.

How does this benefit you?

Increase Profitability

Focus your in-house resources on higher-margin initiatives by transferring your low-margin and high frequency IT management activities to AVG Managed Workplace NOC and Help Desk.

Scale your Business Rapidly and Affordably

Increase customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty by reducing downtime and increasing productivity through the delivery of reliable 24x7 technical support services for all end-users—and rapidly add new customer sites—all without having to recruit and train staff or invest in new infrastructure.

Increase Brand Exposure

Transparently extend your brand and services, reinforcing your presence as the trusted IT support provider for your customers, using fully customized end-user communications, including emails, toll-free phone, and online chat technical support.

Synchronize Your Resources

Experience the efficiency of 100% visibility and ticket round-tripping where AVG Managed Workplace operates as a seamless extension of your technical staff by fully integrating our RMM, NOC and Help Desk ticketing system with your Professional Services Automation (PSA) platform.

What does NOC & Help Desk offer?

Centralized management

A single point of contact for any service modifications or issue resolution, our North American-based Triage Desk conducts all communication with you and your clients for fully centralized management and communication that is convenient, efficient and reliable. NOC, Help Desk and RMM issues are transferred to appropriate resources seamlessly and transparently behind the scenes.


Choose the third-party applications and vendors you want. Take advantage of our deep integrations with leading PSA tools and keep using the system you already have. Customize NOC and Help Desk service delivery for every client as required—the choice is yours.

Synchronized ticketing

Always know what’s going on with the complete transparency, efficient tracking, problem resolution and accurate billing made possible by integrating NOC and Help Desk with your PSA and synchronizing all ticket information.

Customized desktop support icon

Increase customer productivity by allowing end-users to initiate instant communication with your new Help Desk in the manner of their choice: toll-free phone, email, online chat, ticket creation, or by accessing your website—all through a convenient Support Assistant icon branded with your logo on every workstation you manage.

“RightResponse” workflow management

Ensure a consistent, professional response to every major alert, supported by hundreds of detailed workflow procedures developed by our most experienced System Engineers and consistent use of AVG Managed Workplace RMM task automation wherever possible to maximize performance and cost advantages.

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