Managed Workplace®

Remote Monitoring
and Management Software

See all. Manage all. Service all.

See all. Manage all. Service all.

AVG Managed Workplace® is a Remote Monitoring and Management
platform for organizations that want more awareness and control
across their network—all from a single pane of glass.

Comprehensive monitoring and management capabilities offer you
a centralized view of your IT environment including computers,
mobile devices, cloud services, telecom equipment, printers,
applications, security systems, and more. From there,
a vendor-agnostic platform lets you manage and service them
as you see fit. Use your applications of choice, with dozens
of pre-defined policy modules and reports for hundreds
of technologies, along with configurable support
for thousands more.

Working with AVG Managed Workplace® offers …

  • More Security

    Implement cloud and on-premise backup, recovery, content filtering, anti-virus, and anti-spam. Use monitoring to identify issues as they arise, and then resolve them with a combination of remote controls
    and automation.

  • More Mobility

    Provision, configure, monitor, track, and secure mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets.
    Enforce policies for organizational and private devices to protect your organization, people, and data.

  • More Automation

    Execute on schedule, on demand, or through alert triggers. Remediate systems, devices, and applications without the use of pre-installed agents. Run executables at the global, group, or device level.

  • More Flexibility

    Work with what you already have. An open ecosystem offers broad, 3rd party support and long-standing alliances with vendors for more than 400 integrations. Add or remove services as you need.

  • More Partnership and Support

    Centralize and streamline management with 24/7 helpdesk support from a single point of contact-available
    by toll-free number, chat, or web access. Allocate additional support to AVG’s NOC as you see fit.

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