Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM)

AVG Managed Workplace RMM is the IT service platform built for the world of converged networked technologies. IT service providers need full visibility of all technologies impacting the end user experience. Our advanced hybrid architecture provides visibility and unified management of the entire IT infrastructure including all devices, applications, and networks, while providing ease of use, security and control.

How does this benefit you?

Do more with less

Deliver better services more efficiently and cost-effectively by reducing costly on-site visits with comprehensive remote monitoring and management of the health, availability and performance of your clients’ IT assets.

Save time

Improve customer satisfaction and free up hours of staff time for new revenue opportunities by using automation to dramatically reduce manual configuration and maintenance tasks, proactively address issues and streamline key processes.

Win more business

Increase service sales and revenue by using data gathered by AVG Managed Workplace to accurately identify opportunities for improvement and cost-savings, clearly justify your professional recommendations, and effectively address the unique IT needs of any customer.

What does RMM offer?

Automatic network discovery and monitoring

Onboard new customer sites quickly and never miss an opportunity to bring new devices under management with automatically updated and detailed discovery of servers, PCs and laptops, smartphones and tablets, network infrastructure, printers and imaging assets and IP-based devices.

Network Audit reports

Acquire new customers more easily by clearly communicating the immediate value of your services early in the sales cycle: drop in AVG Managed Workplace at a prospect or customer site, automatically gather data, and then run detailed Network Audit reports that identify security gaps and pain points you can resolve for the business owner.

Real-time alerting

Proactively identify and solve problems faster to protect your customers’ IT investments by receiving immediate alerts on things that matter, then conducting rapid remote remediation.

Remote remediation

Improve productivity for end clients by fixing problems remotely without opening ports on firewalls—or interrupting work in progress—using extensive remote management tools, and single-click, lightning-fast connections to any Windows® device.

Powerful automation features

Save hours of configuration time on lower level activities by automating key processes so you can better engage with prospects, improve quality of service delivery to existing clients and focus your staff on new revenue opportunities.

Detailed reporting

Justify your IT project and services recommendations more easily using AVG Managed Workplace reports with deep insight into customer environments and infrastructure pain points. Increase your trend analysis accuracy and troubleshooting efficiency using reports internally with your technical staff.

Patch management

Efficiently address security vulnerabilities in customer networks by using AVG Managed Workplace to review, approve and automate deployment of security patches for Microsoft systems and software, and remotely update or patch third party applications.

Cloud services monitoring

Quickly identify and address performance issues with cloud services like Office 365™ and the websites your clients rely on.

Easy deployment

Become operational in less than a day; the default installation of AVG Managed Workplace achieves setup in a few clicks, or you can choose advanced options for sites with unique requirements.

Power management

Help your customers lower their energy consumption to reduce costs and environmental footprint using AVG Managed Workplace power plans and automated policies.

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