Open Ecosystem

Competing platforms often depend on exclusive alliances with other vendors; choosing those platforms may force you to switch to a new Professional Services Automation (PSA) platform, backup/disaster recovery (BU/DR) tool, antivirus/anti-spam service, or other third-party technology.

AVG is committed to broad vendor support. AVG Managed Workplace remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform, Network Operations Center (NOC) and Help Desk Services are all built on a vendor-agnostic, open ecosystem that offers true flexibility. Choose the solutions you feel are best for your business and end-users—yes, even where AVG offers competing products or services—and manage all technologies from a single dashboard.

How does this benefit you?

Choose your tools

Eliminate needless changes to your strategic alliances or disruptions in your service offerings when you choose AVG Managed Workplace. Our RMM and NOC deliver deep monitoring and reporting out-of-the-box for over 400 third-party technologies from leading IT vendors, as well as configurable support for thousands more.

Keep up with evolving technologies

Strengthen your ability to compete as technology and business evolves; with AVG Managed Workplace RMM, NOC and Help Desk, you can change or add integrations with new or better third party applications whenever you want.

Increase efficiency

Simplify workflow management and reporting by managing your technology choices from a single pane of glass. AVG Managed Workplace RMM offers deep integration with hardware, software and cloud vendors so you can perform management functions for third party applications directly from the central dashboard.

Collaborate easily

Reduce costly technical and communication errors by using AVG Managed Workplace to collaborate more efficiently with other service providers, including end-user IT staff, external NOCs, and specialized technical experts. AVG Managed Workplace RMM allows you to assign monitoring and management access to third parties by group or by group of devices, which means that different collaboration partners, all potentially using different systems, can use AVG Managed Workplace to synchronize alert, asset and case details.

What does Open Ecosystem offer?

Two-way integrations with PSA/service desk tools

Simplify workflows and increase efficiency with deep two-way integration between your PSA tool and AVG Managed Workplace RMM, NOC and Help Desk for comprehensive ticket tracking and issue management.

Management from a single pane of glass

Eliminate the hassle of context-switching between your most commonly used applications. AVG Managed Workplace offers deep integrations with many third-party tools that allow you to perform critical remedial or management actions for those applications from right within the AVG Managed Workplace RMM dashboard.

Built-in best practices

Be confident that you’re collecting the data you need and being alerted on things that matter with AVG Managed Workplace’s best practices monitoring, alerting and management rules for hundreds of third-party technologies—which can be customized in a few clicks to match unique business or customer requirements.

Web services API

In the rare case that you want to monitor and manage something we haven’t already formally integrated with or defined best practices monitoring and alerting rules for, we offer a web services API to enable fast integration with just about any third-party application.

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