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We are up here!

AVG is now always protecting you from up here in your toolbar.


AVG Security Toolbar is now keeping you safe online.

Here are some of the toolbar's great features:

  • Powerful LinkScanner® technology works in real-time while surfing the web
  • Facebook button for up-to-the minute alerts and status updates
  • Direct access to AVG Secure Search

Speed up your
PC for FREE!

PC Tuneup optimizes application response time and overall PC performance by:

  • Cleaning your hard drives
  • Recovering lost files
  • Tweaking 280+ Windows settings

Control your AVG Security Toolbar options and information

LinkScanner® lets you know how safe the page you’re visiting is

Convenient access to your Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and Hotmail accounts

Track the weather conditions, temperatures and forecasts for your favourite city

Quick access to AVG Secure Search engine

Get the latest information regarding online threats and security issues

Shortcut to your previously installed Skype client

Access your Facebook page, update your status and stay notified with customized alerts

AVG checks every search result from all popular search engines.