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I am a very satisfied AVG Professional user. AVG Pro saves me about 5 or 6 times a day, by eliminating viruses, Trojans, worms and down-loaders. In my experience the competitors’ products all let some problems slip through. Then they multiply and before you know it you have a dead machine – or worse – with possible identity theft and possible financial loss through cleaned out bank accounts or credit card accounts being among the more severe of the consequences.
Allan Barker, Australia


"Since I installed AVG Anti-Virus, it's as if my PC has grown wings because it uses hardly any resources – a great change from the antivirus product I had before! AVG updates itself automatically each time I switch on my computer and it's reassuring to know that it takes care of everything. I've got important patient files on my PC and I need to know they're absolutely safe. So far, AVG has blocked all the viruses that tried to infect my data."
François Jullian, Doctor


"1. Install it, and forget it. 2. It takes care of itself, as it takes care of you. 3. The easy going protector 4. A Vigilant Guardian protecting you when at work or play."
Len Lennard, Senior Architectural Technician

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