AVG Cleaner

for Android™

Take control of your battery life
and get your device running smoother

More space

AVG Cleaner quickly clears out the things that you just don't need, like unnecessary apps, cache & histories, to make space for the apps, music and photos that you really love.

History Cleaner

Free up vital memory on your phone by deleting histories from your browser, clipboard, apps, & play store.

Cache Cleaner

Identify and clean up unnecessary cached memory.

Call & Message Cleaner

Clear out long forgotten calls and message history.

Reduces data usage

AVG Cleaner helps you find and remove apps that consume your data and battery life.

App Uninstaller NEW

View and remove apps by data usage, battery consumption or size.

More Power

Take back control of your battery life by turning off specific functions, and save power for when you need it most.

Battery Saver NEW

See what's eating up your battery life and easily switch them off.

Battery Profiles Pro NEW

Choose between home, office and on the road battery usage profiles to get your phone running the way you want it.

Works Automatically

AVG Cleaner remembers to run routine cleaning - so you don't have to.

Auto Maintenance

Runs regular cleaning of your cache, history, calls and messages & lets you know what else you can safely remove.

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AVG Cleaner for Android™

Take control of your battery life.
Get your device running smoother

Whatever your device, we've got you covered.