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AVG Firewall confirmation dialog

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The AVG Firewall confirmation dialogue is displayed when you need to decide whether you wish to allow or block network communication for certain application. The dialogue is displayed because this application does not have defined rule that would specify an appropriate action. Please note that Firewall is also able to decide automatically for most applications - see FAQ 4347 for details.

The dialogue has the following options:

  • Allow for all - the communication for this application will be allowed for all networks (the whole Internet)
  • Allow for safe - the communication will be allowed only for networks, which are marked as safe (Tools -> Firewall configuration -> profile name -> Defined networks)
  • Block - the communication is blocked, which may restrict the application's functionality, or disable it altogether

Additionally, you can view details or rule can be made based on the selected action through these options:

  • Save my answer as a permanent rule, and do not ask me next time - AVG Firewall saves the selected action for the application into its configuration
  • Show details - displays information about the communication that induced the Firewall dialog

To help you with your decision, dialogue can have 3 different colors:

  • Green - this color indicates that AVG recommends to allow the communication.
  • Red - this color indicates that AVG does not recommend to allow the communication.
  • Yellow - this color indicates that AVG cannot determine whether the communication is safe to be allowed or dangerous to be blocked. In such case, we recommend rather to block the communication.

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