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Prestigious companies worldwide and institutes in many fields rely on AVG's security products, and many companies depend on AVG as a strong partner in the field of data security and privacy.

United Kingdom and Ireland

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Formula 1 team and the forefront of racing technology. "We needed a comprehensive security suite that wasn’t so resource intensive yet still offered second to none protection. It was also essential that cost was kept to a minimum. Every penny saved can be spent on further developing the cars to make them quicker. The AVG Internet Security suite ticked all the right boxes. It is well-known for being comparatively light on system resources plus the licensing model works out better value than a one year licence from the more high profile brands. Upon installing AVG Internet Security across the network a number of previously unidentified viruses were found immediately and successfully removed."
Adrian Collinson, Head of IT

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Arriva Trains Wales

One of around 30 major rail companies within the UK. "Our IT Network Manager was running AVG AntiVirus software at home and was a big fan of the service it provided. We decided to test the network version of AVG and were delighted by the results. Soon after commencing the trial we received a virus that was not picked up by our previous antivirus product but was immediately contained by AVG. The decision was effectively made for us.” “To date, AVG has contained all network virus outbreaks. Alongside its faultless antivirus record, the excellent remote administration functionality has been very productive for us."
Richard Smee, IT Applications Manager

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Pinewood Technologies

Leading provider of dealer management systems. "When our previous suppliers licence came up for renewal, we started to look at other options. We felt sure there must be alternatives that offered better value for money. We also wanted to find a solution that stayed essentially the same no matter what server you put it on. Our previous suppliers offering for servers was different than the one for clients. We are very happy with the performance of AVG and it is proving to be very good value."
Ryan Pain, IT Manager

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The Royal Nations Institute of the Blind

The UK’s leading charity, offering information, support, and advice to over 2 million people with sight problems. "AVG is extremely effective in preventing viruses entering our network. In my opinion, it would be very difficult to find a more cost-effective antivirus solution than AVG."
Les Thorley, Corporate Network Security Manager

Trafford General hospital

The first NHS hospital in the country, founded 1948. "AVG not only costs less to implement but it has a two year support licence rather than the one-year one you get with most other antivirus products."
Peter Johnson, IT Manager

"I first went over to AVG because of the cost, however I soon found that it worked more efficiently and didn't slow the operation of the computer as the more expensive rival did, so I will be sticking with AVG from here on in."
Roger Watling, Essex

"Continuous protection without intrusion or attention is what I see and what I get from AVG."
Leo Mericer, Truro

"Minds my system as a mother and child! Inexpensive too!"
Vincent Traynor, Dublin, Ireland

"Have had no problems with AVG whatsoever in fact when my system crashed and I got it back AVG were the first to reply to my email with details to get my AntiVirus up and running again. Excellent service."
Paul Goodwin, Brighton

"A product that’s simple , safe and secure , from a company that believes in service."
James Hume, Stirling , Scotland

"Since switching to AVG I simply cannot understand why I had not done so earlier."
Peter Downey, Sheffield

"Downloaded the upgrade version of AVG internet security last week. Definitely the best security system in the world. I would recommend it to anyone. Very easy to install and run. Your updates are now done without me knowing, with no 'pop ups' as there was with the older version. I cannot see me running a computer without AVG in future. Keep up the good work."
Mike McHugh

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Westlands School & Technology College

The school is part of a national pilot scheme to deliver information technology across the curriculum and plays a lead role in training for teachers in the application of IT. "AVG AntiVirus has continuously provided us comprehensive antivirus protection that allows our students to make the most of IT."
Tony Bennet, ICT Manager

CPR Works Ltd

"As a company of web designers and copywriters, we've been using AVG for many years now. We've found their anti virus program second to none and their technical support out of the proverbial top drawer."
Colin Carr, MD

Empire Interactive logo

Empire Interactive

"AVG is easy to use, yet has all the power needed to protect our computer systems. In three words Fast Simple Safe."
Andrew Ericson, Senior IT Manager

Martin Grant Homes Ltd

"1. Install it, and forget it. 2. It takes care of itself, as it takes care of you. 3. The easy going protector 4. A Vigilant Guardian protecting you when at work or play."
Len Lennard, Senior Architectural Technician

Matt Garcia Design Studio logo

Matt Garcia Design Studio

"Our design agency chooses AVG not only for its simplicity and power but sheer seamlessness with which it operates behind our many applications, allowing us to conduct our business not only with confidence but without hindrance."
Matt Garcia, Managing Director

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We're proud to receive recognition from the press and the industry as well.

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