• Stay protected

    Be warned of dangerous sites

  • Control your privacy

    Block intrusive web trackers

  • Leave no tracks

    Clean your browsing history

Surf securely, free of hidden trackers & threats

AVG Web TuneUp gives you the confidence that the steps you take online are safe. Simply download this free browser add-on now, and it will be automatically added to your favorite browser for an improved browsing experience.

Be protected while
searching & surfing

Site Safety gives you clear safety ratings for the websites you visit,
and shows you which search results are safe to click.

  • This site is Safe
  • This site is Risky
  • This site is Dangerous

And now shows you which sites may still be at risk for Heartbleed

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Take back control
of your privacy

Do Not Track shows you which websites are collecting data on your
online activities and allows you to block the following:

  • Ad
  • Social
  • Web
one click
privacy protection

Clean your browser
of private data

Browser Cleaner protects your privacy with simple, 1-click
cleaning of your online tracks, including:

  • Browsing
  • Cookies
  • Download
  • Saved

Works on Chrome® and Firefox® for PC
Windows XP®, Vista & 7
Chrome® and its logo are trademarks of Google Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Firefox® and its logo are registered trademarks of the Mozilla Foundation.