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Smart phones and social media have changed our lives in ways no one could dream of a decade ago. Technology is also blurring the traditional divide between a worker’s home life and their career. They bring their personal tech to work – and take work calls and emails on the same device that has photos of their family and social comments, likes and shares from their friends. It’s vital that businesses understand the risks and have the right policies and infrastructure in place to deal with this ever-connected world.

But with some key safety advice - from how to manage your firm’s social activity to employees’ use of personal smart mobile tech, business can make the most of business life online.

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Coping with the fast-paced changes in technology can feel like a full-time job in itself. And while the genie is out of the bottle - there’s no going back to the days when people weren’t intrinsically connected - there are plenty of opportunities for small businesses to grasp the power of the new social environment.

About Author
Judy Bitterli

Judith Bitterli has more than 25 years executive experience and is now Senior Vice President at AVG. Judith is also a former owner of three companies and is steeped in the joys and travails of start-ups and sustaining growing small businesses. She blogs at

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