Judith Bitterli

Judith Bitterli

Chief Marketing Officer


Judith Bitterli is chief marketing officer and head of customer services for AVG Technologies, a company with over over 200 million active users.  Judith leads the company’s global marketing, communications operations and customer services strategy.  Her responsibilities include business intelligence, PR, social media, branding and implementation as well as establishing a voice of the customer.

Judith is a speaker at global events including Consumer Electronics Show (CES), SXSW and Small Business Summit.  She regularly publishes e-books , contributes to industry forums and is an established media commentator on issues surrounding boomers, small business, security and child internet safety. As part of her commitment to mobile industry, she also serves as a global Board Member of MEF

Judith joined AVG in November 2012, bringing over twenty-five years executive experience in marketing, sales and operations with companies such as Softbank, RealNetworks, Micron and CompuAdd.  Judith is also a former business owner of three businesses in the technology space and is steeped in the joys and travails of start-ups and sustaining growing SMB’s.

Judith’s blog can be found here.

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