What is AVG CloudCare?

AVG CloudCare™ is a FREE and powerful remote management platform that profoundly simplifies the way you service and protect your small business customers. Simply log into the AVG CloudCare portal from any computer for a real-time look into all endpoints on your customer’s network. Instantly activate or deactivate any customer or service, roll out policies, install software, and more.
Make more money, lower costs and save time with:

Free centralized platform

Real-time visibility into customers’ PCs, services, and policies.

Free remote management tools

Instantly connect to any PC to resolve issues, install services, and more.

Pay-as-you-go services

Add-on services are available in monthly, yearly, or 2-year subscriptions.

No upfront costs

No new hardware or third-party software is required.

Sales alerts

Stay abreast of new sales opportunities with real-time alerts.

When eliminating IT headaches is this easy...Why complicate?

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Key benefits

Free Platform
Our easy-to-use, free cloud-based administration platform gives you an easy overview of your customer’s networks, and our generated alerts allow you to manage all your customers from a single location. Featuring keyless licensing and out-of-the-box policies, it’s the hassle-free way to manage small business IT. The comprehensive web-based monitoring tools provide a quick, simple way to log in and review the status of all customer computers, along with email and text message notifications of events that need attention.
Free AVG® Remote IT
Using the free AVG Remote IT tool, you can fix unexpected events without the need for you or your staff to be physically at the machine, as long as it is connected to the Internet. Administrators are able to force definition updates and conduct remote scans to help minimize the need for onsite visits.
Web-based access
Accessible directly from any web browser, there is no need to install any type of administration software.
You only pay for the cloud services your customers use and you can choose a monthly, yearly or 2-year subscription. There is no minimum spend level, no time-bound licenses, no need to chase annual renewals, and a simple pricing structure that makes it easier for you to retain customers.
Simple one-click customer & service activation
With one-click new customer & service activation, you can tailor the services to your customer’s needs, simply by selecting all components or just those that are required. Automatic service and agent updates also reduce demand on customer network bandwidth. Service activation without the hassle of site visits helps make selling these additional cloud services fast, easy and profitable.
Quick removal of competitor antivirus products
The need for complicated and time-consuming removal of any pre-defined competitor antivirus products has been eliminated. With all three deployment methods, including direct install, competitive antivirus products can be completely removed by simply checking a box.
Easy policy deployment
Use our pre-set policy or customize it to fit your customer’s needs with real-time push updates. It also keeps all your customer’s AVG CloudCare managed devices up-to-date as per policy settings and automatically updates them, the moment your customers go online.
AVG CloudCare comes with 14 reports including an executive summary, security, operational and content filtering reports, which can be co-branded and exported to PDF. This allows you or your customer to easily review the activity and status of all devices. Reports can be tailored to customer requirements showing, for example, threats detected, how many devices are behind schedule for updates and which URLs were blocked.
Customizable alerts allow you and/or your customer to be instantly notified when a managed device encounters a security threat or other event. These alerts, which can be filtered by severity, can be sent both as emails and text message to individuals and/or groups. You can see exactly which issues need action in real time. In addition, the alerts give you full visibility of a wide range of events, including component disabled, service has stopped and overdue scan issues, all of which mean you can provide a more proactive service to your customers.
Unique sales alerts
Each customer network will deliver alerts about physical memory space reached, disk space limit reached, hard drive space limit reached or where additional cloud services could be needed. By reacting to these real-time sales alerts you have the opportunity to boost sales and enhance your reputation by proactively solving customer’s problems.
Test-drive it free for 30 days
Use the free trial of AVG AntiVirus and AVG Content Filtering services to help your customers experience the benefits of AVG CloudCare and see how easy it is to make the switch.

When eliminating IT headaches is this easy...Why complicate?

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Cloud Services

Roll out cloud services to your customers to help them protect their company and boost their employees’ productivity. All services are available in pay-as-you-go subscriptions, so there’s no need to keep track of any license numbers. It’s the easiest way to save time, lower costs, and increase revenue.

AVG Online Backup - NEW!

AVG Online Backup - NEW!

Protect your customers’ data against hardware failure, loss and theft using highly secure, fully integrated AVG Online Backup.

Ensure your customers’ business data is protected against the unexpected. AVG Online Backup runs in the background, scheduled to your customers’ requirements and providing peace of mind against data loss. Should the worst happen and data become lost or corrupted, you can restore customer data from a single file to a whole directory, quickly and easily. Integrated alerts and reports enable you to pro-actively manage your customer estate with customers having the option to trial the service for 30 days.

How does this benefit you?

  • Easy management

    AVG Online Backup is fully integrated into the AVG CloudCare portal. In addition to the single interface to manage your customers’ services, this integration provides a range of alerts and reports in order to pro-actively manage your customer estate and quickly take corrective action when required.

  • Data secured

    Data is secured using 3-tier encryption in transit and at rest, providing peace of mind for your customers that their data will not be compromised at any stage of the backup or restore process. Data Centers are ISO9001 and ISO 27001 certified and, when used with AVG AntiVirus, files are scanned for malware before compression and storage.

  • Restore and backup anytime

    Backup schedules, ranging from hourly to monthly, can be set per device in accordance with customer requirements and will run so long as the device is connected to the internet. You can quickly restore files and folders to your customers should they become lost or corrupt in the customer environment.

  • Pay as you go

    Storage is charged in 25Gb ’units’ per customer. Charges only apply to the number of storage units used, removing the need to pre-estimate the amount of storage required in advance. No maintenance fees ensure that costs are easy to understand and explain to customers.

What does AVG Online Backup offer?

  • Full integration with AVG CloudCare

    The single interface simplifies the management of your customer accounts consolidating all customer information into one place. You can run reports, view invoices, get license summaries for all paying and trial customers, deploy or delete services and much more.

  • Subscription licensing

    Each customer is charged in 25Gb ‘units’ removing the need for them to estimate the volume they require in advance. Partners receive a single monthly bill that clearly shows the charges for each customer.

  • Data reporting

    Generate real-time reports including stored data usage, individual device usage, backup schedules, history and much more.

  • Alerts

    Create alerts for your customers and receive them within the AVG CloudCare portal and by email informing you of backups that have failed, missed their schedule and have been successfully completed.

  • Scheduling

    Schedule backups a device or group level to run hourly, daily, weekly or monthly with the ability to customize the times in accordance with your customers’ requirements.

  • Policies

    Use template policies out-of-the-box or customize according to customer requirements. Options include the selection of file types to back up (e.g. ignore MP3 files), maximum and minimum file sizes and exclusion of specific folders from the backup policy.

  • Choose you backup location

    Back up devices in the cloud or to a customer’s local storage server. Choose the most appropriate location to ensure requirements are met per user and per device.

  • View and restore files anytime

    Restore customers’ Data quickly via the AVG CloudCare platform as and when they are needed.

  • ShadowProtect Server

    Complete your customers’ backup protection. Image and back up customers’ servers to protect against data corruption, outages or hardware failures. Address the challenge of the ever lengthening ‘back up window’ by taking incremental backups periodically from every 15 minutes.

  • When keeping your customers’ data safely stored is this easy… Why complicate?

AVG Remote IT – included FREE!

AVG Remote IT – included FREE!

Our remote management tool reduces your need to make costly onsite IT visits, helping you to keep company costs down and save time. This service comes bundled for free!

By using our FREE remote management tool to support your customers’ devices, you can reduce the cost of all but the essential on-site visits, so even your smallest customers can be profitable. Following installation, all you need to do is make sure AVG Remote IT remains activated on end-customer devices so you can connect remotely to fix unexpected security and non-security related events.

How does this benefit you?

  • Lower Costs

    With a simple one-click remote connection, you can access individual devices wherever you, or they, are in the world using the AVG CloudCare portal. As long as individual devices remain connected to the Internet, AVG Remote IT means you can quickly fix a wide range of issues without the need to be physically at the machine. Other problems that can be resolved remotely include those not necessarily AVG-related, such as installing other software, resolving software issues and security fixes.

  • Save Time

    You can connect to multiple devices simultaneously, allowing you to resolve multiple issues quickly and easily. PCs in sleep mode can be remotely woken and files, of any type, can be transferred between machines using AVG Remote IT. Plus, you can chat in real time to users on the devices you are working on.

  • Better Experience

    Messages that appear on end-customer machines to accept or decline the incoming remote connection can be customized for individual customers. AVG Remote IT allows you to change end-customer screen resolutions to provide a better viewing experience. You can also customize connections to restrict bandwidth usage so that customer network performance is not adversely affected.

What does AVG Remote IT offer?

  • Connection from anywhere

    One click connection allows you to remotely connect to devices from anywhere in the world using the AVG CloudCare Portal.

  • Quick issue fix

    Resolve issues immediately without physically touching the machine, as long as the device is connected to the Internet. This eliminates costly on-site visits.

  • Going beyond security

    Resolve issues which are not necessarily AVG-related, such as software installation, security fixes and many others.

  • Connect to multiple devices

    Conduct simultaneous remote sessions to resolve multiple issues at the same time.

  • Shortcut buttons

    Easily wake, restart, or shutdown PCs remotely using our simple shortcut buttons.

  • Chat

    Allows the administrator to chat with a user on that device.

  • File transfers

    Allows the administrator to transfer any type or size of file to and from machines.

  • Customer friendly message

    Create messaging that appears on an end-user's screen upon connection to allow them to accept or decline the incoming remote connection.

  • Customize resolution and quality

    Change your customer's screen resolution for a better viewing experience or change the color contrast to lower bandwidth.

  • When providing IT support with lower costs is this simple…Why complicate?

AVG Content Filtering

AVG Content Filtering

Help customers to increase productivity with advanced, real-time content filtering and the ability to limit access to websites that drain time and money from their business.

Your small business customers know they are losing productivity when employees are focused on non-business-related browsing such as social networking on company time. Help them to increase productivity with advanced, real-time content filtering and the ability to block access to the websites that drain time and money from their business. Your customers can try it free for 30 days, and when they are ready to buy, they simply choose a subscription: monthly, yearly, or 24 months.

How does this benefit you?

  • Show how to drive productivity

    AVG Content Filtering helps your customers drive productivity by limiting access to social networking, searching and shopping to approved times. And, because less bandwidth is absorbed by personal use, that means more speed for business tasks.

  • Save time & money

    Helping boost your customers’ productivity involves no start-up costs as no new hardware or network changes are required. It’s quick and easy to do with out-of-the-box templates for quick and automatic policy setting. No proxy is necessary courtesy of our patented V-routing technology, which requires none of the rerouting of traffic or other methods that degrade Internet speed.

  • Stay informed & in control

    Know what's happening on every device, at all times, with instant alerts by email or text message. Set flexible policies for in the office, at home or on the road and allow access to employees to specific sites. With real-time policy updates to devices, management of this service couldn’t be simpler.

  • Protect against threats

    AVG Content Filtering prevents users from bringing security risks into the business by automatically stopping access to sites known to deliver spyware, malware and other threats. It also lets you automatically manage sites by category with over 60 million sites sorted into subgroups and use flexible Block/Warn/Allow options to control the risk.

What does AVG Content Filtering offer?

  • No proxy required

    Our patented V-routing technology does not require rerouting of traffic or other methods that degrade Internet speed.

  • Secondary local passwords

    Create a secondary, local password to override blocked pages without compromising the administrative password.

  • Out-of-the-box templates

    Use out-of-the-box templates for quick and automatic policy setting and set flexible policies for in the office, at home or on the road.

  • Email and text alerts

    Know what’s happening on every device, at all times with instant alerts by email or text message.

  • Push policies

    Push real-time policy and group updates to specific end-points from the cloud.

  • Automatic site blocking

    Automatically block sites by category – we've sorted over 60 million sites into subgroups sites sorted into subgroups for increased granularity. Use flexible Block/Warn/Allow options for employee access to specific sites.

  • Provide a second line of defense

    iCat Dynamic Filtering scans any pages not yet categorized in our database to ensure new threats don’t slip through.

  • When boosting customers’ efficiency is this easy...Why complicate?

AVG Email Security Services

AVG Email Security Services

Establish more efficient, secure, and spam-free business emails. The service is easier to manage than any other cloud-based solutions.

Introducing a new suite of email security services that drive efficiency and protection levels for your clients and more recurring revenue for you:

AVG Email Security Services answer your customers’ needs for more efficient, secure and spam-free email communications. Through our unique email hosting technology, this service is made more effective and easier-to-manage than any network-hosted solution.

Now you can deploy, monitor and update all the antispam, archive and encryption services your customers need from wherever you are via your existing AVG CloudCare portal.

AVG AntiSpam

AVG AntiSpam

Nothing frustrates your customers more than inboxes full of scams and spam, but now it’s an issue you can solve simply and effectively. AVG AntiSpam is a cloud email security service that delivers comprehensive protection against spam, viruses, phishing attacks and other key email-borne threats. It uses unique technology to identify the sources of spam, and as a cloud-based service it protects against them with greater accuracy and efficiency than network-hosted solutions. Always automatically up-to-date, it deals with spam in the cloud before it can impact the network.

How does this benefit you?

Protection that’s simply more efficient

Prevents unwanted or malicious email in the cloud from hitting their network. Provides 10 levels of in-depth protection that is more effective than traditional techniques.

Improve revenue

Attract new customers and tap into the revenue potential of this vital, high-demand service. As an AVG CloudCare partner, you can install and use AVG AntiSpam for your business completely free of charge.

Save time and costs

Fewer client frustrations, fewer infections and avoiding issues such as IP blacklisting all mean fewer call-outs and complications for you. It's easy to navigate, change settings and add customers. Plus, like all AVG CloudCare services, AVG AntiSpam will be billed on your existing AVG CloudCare invoice to simplify management of your customers even more..

Build your reputation

Reinforce your reputation as a problem solver. Not only can you can help your customers reduce inbox clutter, you can also offer a solution to help bring an end to lost emails. Because AVG AntiSpam spools inbound email for 10 days, a local server outage does not necessarily mean a major disruption.

What does AVG AntiSpam offer?

Volume-Based Email Protection

Around 80-90% of all messages travelling over the Internet are actually sent to people who don’t exist at the target domain. AVG AntiSpam eliminates inbound emails destined for unknown individuals at your customers’ domain.

Outbound Mail Auditing

Helps to block outbound email that contains spam and viruses and prevents your customers from inadvertently spamming their contacts and avoid IP address blacklisting.

Permitted Countries

Blocks messages from any country other than those specifically approved for delivery at the address of the sending server.

AVG AntiSpam Panel

Can be automatically inserted at the bottom of incoming messages to let your customers update their access preferences.


Enables customers to spontaneously disclose a purpose-specific address on a website, in a discussion forum, in print or conversation, so that legitimate users of the address can be “locked down” in the event the address is ever harvested and abused by a spammer.

Partner Features


All customer-facing elements of the AVG AntiSpam Message Center are fully customizable with your company name, logo, and contact information.


Use the Message Center to set-up and manage new customers.

Maximum Configurability

Enjoy the highest level of flexibility when responding to customer needs.

AVG Email Archive

AVG Email Archive

Your customers want an email system that’s accessible 24/7, guarantees email continuity, and can be easily searched by employees no matter what happens at their local network level. AVG Email Archive is a simple, secure, cloud-based solution that integrates seamlessly with your customers’ existing email infrastructure. It automatically routes all incoming, outgoing and internal email through the AVG Email Archive cloud gateway so every message can be safely stored and retrieved by your customer at any time.

How does this benefit you?

Email continuity

Continuous, on-demand access to email from any location. Even with internal network or server outages, your customers can still communicate via email through secure access to the cloud from any browser.

Make more money

Tap into the revenue potential of this vital, high-demand service. Plus, you can further increase your revenue by selling our other AVG Email Security services, all with the added benefit of reducing the need for costly on-site visits.

Save time and costs

Fewer email outages and fewer drains on customer network capacity—all delivered without the need for additional hardware, customer-side software or additional IT support—means you can reduce IT expenses for your customers while adding to your own bottom line. Plus, like all AVG CloudCare services, AVG Email Archive is one-click easy to activate, which saves you time and costs across the board.

Build your reputation

Reinforces your reputation as a problem solver. Not only can you can offer your customers a 24/7 email system that is always accessible, you can also allow individuals to search, access and recover any email from the archive. The easy-to-use online interface of AVG Email Archive means users don’t need to call on your IT support for help.

What does AVG Email Archive offer?

Protected, Long-Term Storage

All inbound, outbound and internal email communication is routed through the AVG Email Archive gateway. It is filtered for spam and viruses, which are then removed and the messages indexed and encrypted.

Active Archiving

Email is used constantly as both a communication tool and information repository, so email storage needs to be more dynamic than regular files and folders. AVG Email Archive active archiving automatically stores a copy of all incoming, outgoing and internal email in a secure, encrypted repository.


A unique set of eDiscovery tools allow users to live search any email or attachment within the archive on multiple levels. The eDiscovery engine makes it a quick and simple task for individuals to find, access and recover the emails or information they need from the archive direct to their desktop.

Email Continuity

Users can access any email in the active archive on demand from wherever they are in the world with an Internet connection. In the event of internal network or server outages, email communication continues uninterrupted via the AVG Email Archive secure servers.

Reduced Customer Costs

Not only can AVG Email Archive be integrated into your customer's existing email infrastructure without the need for any additional hardware or customer-side software, but it also reduces the need for in-house IT support. Plus, it reduces costly onsite visits..

Partner Features


All customer-facing elements of the Message Center are fully brandable.


Use the Message Center to set up and manage new customers.

Maximum Configurability

Enjoy the highest level of flexibility when responding to customer needs.

AVG Email Archive Lite

AVG Email Archive Lite

Convenient, Short-Term Storage

Improve your customers’ network performance with secure archive storage of all emails on a rolling 60-day basis that users can search, access and recover without the need to contact you. After 60 days, the emails and information are automatically deleted.

AVG Encrypted Email

AVG Encrypted Email

Identity theft and security breaches can damage your customers’ business in an instant, but now you can deliver comprehensive email protection simply, effectively and profitably. AVG Encrypted Email is a secure, cloud solution that allows your customers to encrypt all outbound emails based on their content, the sender or recipient. Its unique inbox-to-inbox communication requires no sender/recipient authentication and eliminates the need for customers to build and maintain their own encryption keys.

How does this benefit you?

Complete peace of mind

Using the cloud-based secure network that is trusted by global financial institutions, all outbound emails are encrypted against bespoke user defined criteria that are automatically applied across all PC-based, BlackBerry or smartphone communications.

Make more money

Use AVG Encrypted Email service to attract new customers and tap into the revenue potential of this vital service. As an AVG Partner you also enjoy exclusive pricing and additional discount opportunities.

Save time and costs

By reducing the complications and disruption security breaches can cause your customers, you also remove the potential costs and disruption of becoming involved in disaster recovery activities. Plus, like all AVG CloudCare services, AVG Encrypted Email can be installed easily and updated automatically, saving you time and costs.

Build your reputation

Now you can you offer your customers secure, cloud-based and cost-effective email encryption services, eliminating the need to invest in additional hardware, software and training required to install and implement a non-automated, alternative encryption solution.

What does AVG Encrypted Email offer?

Policy-based Email Encryption

Encrypt all company emails centrally based on content, sender and recipient for regulatory compliance. Emails can also be set to automatically encrypt if triggered by selected keywords in the subject line, if marked as confidential, or if addressed to specific email domains or email addresses.

Transparent Email Encryption

Public encryption keys are automatically retrieved and distributed, enabling transparent email encryption between all encryption customers.

Additional Encryption Controls

Emails that are sent un-encrypted can be automatically encrypted, re-routed or blocked if they do not comply with the company’s encryption policy. This automatically reduces the risk of genuine user error as well as malicious user intent.

Unique Multi-Device Compatibility

As well as secure PC-to-PC encryption, AVG Encrypted Email is also uniquely compatible with all email communication sent via and to BlackBerry and other smartphone devices.

Secure Message Portal

AVG Encrypted Email is cloud-based and maintained in SysTrust-certified and SAS-70 type II Data Centers for additional peace of mind.

Partner Features


All customer-facing elements of the Message Center are fully brandable.


Use the Message Center to set up and manage new customers.

Maximum Configurability

Enjoy the highest level of flexibility when responding to customer needs.

When giving better service is this simple… Why complicate?

AVG AntiVirus

AVG AntiVirus

Award-winning antivirus protection detects, blocks, and removes all manner of viruses and malware from your customers’ PCs.

Your small business customers want to know that they have the latest protection. Automatic third party antivirus removal helps you to save time when deploying the service. You want to make delivering this essential service to your customers more efficient and less of a drain on time and resources. With AVG CloudCare you both get what you’re looking for. Your customers can try it free for 30 days, and when they are ready to buy, they simply choose a subscription: monthly, yearly, or 24 months.

How does this benefit you?

  • Build your reputation

    The single, central management platform and automatic alerts keep you in control of protection performance for all of your small business customers. With push policies and automatic updates and upgrades each time they switch on their devices and connect to the Internet, great protection and great service have never been easier or more cost-effective.

  • Save time and costs

    No one wants the difficulties of manual deployment, updates or uninstallation. Did you know can be removed automatically? Our FREE remote management tool makes all these tasks one-click easy. And because AVG AntiVirus is a pay-as-you-go, keyless service your customers only pay for what’s used.

  • Improve revenue

    Our simple, affordable fixed-price approach means that you set the end-user price. You can use our 30-day free trial to attract new customers and demonstrate the benefits of AVG CloudCare.

  • Protection that’s simply easier

    Our antivirus protection is just as effective whether your customers are on the network or working on-the-go. Fewer malware and protection issues for them mean fewer problems for you to manage.

What does AVG AntiVirus offer?

  • LinkScanner®

    Designed to keep your customers protected from the threats that can hide on any website.

  • Firewall

    With inbound and outbound port and application protection, your customers’ business is always protected. Identity protection works with the firewall to ensure that the right applications and processes are operating correctly and are also using the right ports for communication.

  • AVG Smart Scanning

    Only performs scans while your customers are not using their devices and runs in low-priority mode while they’re working.

  • AVG Social Networking Protection

    Automatically checks the links that are exchanged in applications like Facebook® and Skype® in real time to protect your customer’s businesses.

  • Online shield

    Provides direct Web protection for whichever Internet browser your customer decides to use. With direct URL scanning from site to site you can ensure that AVG CloudCare will protect them while searching, shopping and banking online.

  • Identity protection

    Shields passwords and credit card numbers and identifies all potentially dangerous software, enabling secure transactions with their clients and suppliers.

  • When protecting your customers is this easy...Why complicate?

When better service, lower cost and more sales is this simple…Why complicate?

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Why migrate to AVG CloudCare?

Here are many reasons to switch your Business Edition licenses to our cloud services:

8 services in 1
  AVG AntiVirus
Business Edition
AVG Internet
Security Business
AVG CloudCare
Instant Alerts
Spam-free inboxes
Backup anytime & anywhere    
All-in-one device and usage reports
FREE centralized management platform    
Remote IT management    
Encrypted emails    
Email archiving    
Pay-as-you-go services / monthly billing    
Reduced footprint    
Web-based access    

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What our customers are saying

"AVG Online Backup offers a secure, simple cost effective online backup method, that integrates in to the standard AVG Cloudcare platform allowing ease of deployment and peace of mind to both us and our clients."
Lee Frankham, Managing Director, Simpology UK Limited

"AVG CloudCare gives you the ability to remotely access and manage a customer’s network intrusions, threats and security policies as well as quite a lot of their network requirements. As far as I’m aware there’s no other software on the market that has that kind of malleability."
Steve Whyman, Owner-manager, Xerver Limited

"The fact that AVG CloudCare is so unobtrusive is a major benefit allowing us to focus on running the business. Since its installation a few months ago there have been several occasions when AVG CloudCare has successfully detected and blocked an unauthorised intrusion. The value to our business when this happens is incalculable both in terms of costs and time.
David Burnett, Proprieter, Heritage Coffee Mill & Bistro

To my surprise and pleasure the whole experience has been easy and affordable and AVG is proving to be a great partner.
Gareth Wright, Owner-manager, Remote Support Guys

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Workshops & Webinars Page

Looking to simplify SMB IT management?

Learn how resellers just like you are breaking free from a break/fix model and increasing their recurring revenue with AVG CloudCare. Our free platform and tools combined with our pay-as-you-go services will enable you to enter or dominate your local MSP marketplace:

AVG CloudCare Webinars

Join us daily! These interactive, educational webinars will help you with all things AVG CloudCare—from getting started to becoming a super-user.

To register for one of these webinars, simply click on our live schedule and sign up for any of these exciting topics:

Getting Started With the AVG CloudCare™ Portal

Learn how to deploy and activate AVG CloudCare™ on all your managed devices! You’ve made the decision to implement AVG CloudCare in your MSP practice, signed your agreement, and logged into the AVG CloudCare Portal. Now, let us show you how AVG CloudCare can simplify your endpoint management, save you time, and help lower costs with our pay-as-you-go modules and cool free tools.

Get started on the right foot with AVG CloudCare by learning about using the partner dashboard, resolving alerts on the partner side, sharing partner reports, and creating policy templates. We will look at the Accounts Tab, the AVG Community Forum, and the customer dashboard so you will enjoy the full time-saving power of the portal. Learn how to create a customer, navigate default policies, sign up for Email Security Services, install AVG CloudCare, set up a scanning and update agent, default alerts, and reporting.

This is an in depth overview of the AVG CloudCare Portal and will assist you in getting started using AVG CloudCare. A more thorough look at the platform’s add-ons will be covered in specialized webinar trainings. This is the perfect training for new AVG CloudCare users!

Advanced AVG CloudCare™

You’ve set up your customers and begun accessing their End Points via AVG CloudCare™. It’s time to look at resolving issues on the partner side, generating partner reports, and setting up policy templates. We will learn how to customize your support page, apply policy templates to a wide range of customers, and look at the individual reports and alerts available to make your AVG CloudCare usage time saving and beneficial.

Join us for this in-depth power user training, designed especially for AVG CloudCare super users, to see how our platform can really simplify small business IT management. We will dig deep into the platform’s capabilities and modules and demonstrate best practices. If you have questions about leveraging AVG CloudCare to its fullest abilities, this webinar is for you!

AVG Online Backup

You are trusted to protect the integrity of your customer’s data. Now you can also ensure data security by eliminating the risk of data disappearing as the result of a catastrophe above and beyond what you can control within the network.

AVG Online Backup offers one-click services giving you the power to profitably enhance customer security, efficiency, communications and backup, all whilst using its remote management tools to drive your costs down.

Our Online Backup training will cover reporting information, enabling online backup for new and existing customers, policies around the online backup, installation, and an overview of the local online backup. Upon completion of this training you will be able to install and administer online backup for all your customers.

Email Security Services

Learn about our full suite of email security services that drive efficiency and protection levels for your clients and more recurring revenue for you. AVG Email Security Services answer your customers’ need for more efficient, secure and spam-free email communications. Through our unique email hosting technology, this service is more effective and easier-to-manage than any network-hosted solution.

This webinar will cover signing up for ESS, creating customers, setting up mailboxes, setting policies for Anti-Spam, activating archiving and archiving lite for the enterprise and individual mailboxes, and activating email encryption for the enterprise and individual users.

Compliance is one of the biggest issues companies face today and AVG Email Security Services address major compliance needs.

AVG Managed Workplace Sessions

Managed WorkPlace Live Product Demonstration.

Watch AVG Managed Workplace in action during this technical demonstration in a live environment, followed by Q&A. This session is designed forcurrent or experienced RMM users, and technical staff who areresponsible for service delivery.

Presented by a senior member of our professional services team, this session provides an overview of the features, benefits and functionality of AVG Managed Workplace. See for yourself why the world's top MSPs choose AVG Managed Workplace.

Managed Services Webinar

What exactly do we mean by our tagline, "See All - Manage All - Service All"? Find out at this live session.

We'll discuss:

  • our deep monitoring, automation, and integration capabilities
  • how to take advantage of fast-growing cloud and mobile device management opportunities
  • strategies for growing your business with out-of-the-box network audits
  • the competitive advantages you'll gain by partnering with AVG and deploying Managed Workplace

Presented in tandem by a senior member of our professional services team and one of our business development managers, we'll also demonstrate Managed Workplace in a live environment and leave time at the end for Q&A.

AVG CloudCare Webinars On-Demand

We understand that time is money, so we bring you a range of useful demos that you can download and watch when and wherever you like.

The list is always updated so visit regularly to ensure you are kept up to date.

Below you will find our latest recordings to watch and learn in your own time.

CompTIA is a non-profit organization focused on advancing the interests of IT professionals through education, certification, advocacy and philanthropy. As a CompTIA sponsor, we're able to offer you exclusive benefits and free training opportunities like these to really help you build your business.

AVG CloudCare is also pleased to offer you a specially-discounted membership package which includes one full year of membership, 80% off your first training voucher, 15% off additional vouchers, unlimited free training, unlimited free registrations for networking events, and discounted security and MSP trustmarks. http://offers.comptia.org/avg/

Conferences and Seminars

This year, AVG CloudCare will be attending and sponsoring a number of industry events. Come join us! You will have the opportunity to speak to our team of experts about how AVG CloudCare can help you make more money, lower costs and save time:

SMB Nation, Las Vegas, NV October 10-12, 2013

ASCII Indianapolis, Indianapolis, IN October 17, 2013

NexTI, Las Vegas, NV October 27-29, 2013

Spiceworld, Austin, TX October 29-30, 2013

ConnectWise IT Nation, Orlando, FL November 13-15, 2013

  • Please email reseller@avg.com for more information and be sure to ask if we have free or discounted passes for the event(s) you’re interested in attending.
  • We look forward to meeting you!

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How do I get started?

Getting started with AVG CloudCare couldn’t be easier. Existing partners should contact their AVG Partner Manager and new AVG partners should start by signing up here

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Where does AVG CloudCare™ store personal data?

Protection of company personal data is top priority for AVG CloudCare. Personal data which consists of AVG Partner’s/Customer’s company name, address, phone number and email address are securely encrypted, (2048 bit) delivered and stored behind SPI Firewalls within our Data Servers located in two major U.S. data centers.

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Do you offer monthly billing?

AVG CloudCare offers three billing options, monthly, yearly and 24 months.

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Benefits of monthly billing option

  • Monthly billing and a keyless service program let you pay one low, consolidated, monthly price to AVG, only paying for the licenses that you truly use.
  • AVG CloudCare will provide you with a steady revenue stream every month and can save you time and headaches.
  • On the customer side, AVG CloudCare provides our partners with detailed usage data by customer. You never need to worry about customers not paying, as a simple switch will deactivate their protection.
  • Monthly billing is a great benefit to any business as it helps you build an increasingly higher, steady stream of monthly recurring revenue.

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Benefits of yearly or 24 month billing option

  • Yearly billing and a keyless service program offers you the same features as monthly billing but billed on an annual basis

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How does AVG CloudCare™ licensing work?

AVG CloudCare is a keyless service which means all you need is an active AVG CloudCare account. After logging into the AVG CloudCare Portal, administrators are able to perform a simple remote install of AVG CloudCare to clients and servers without the need for license keys. From the AVG CloudCare web portal, users can simply click a switch to enable or disable AVG® AntiVirus and AVG® Content Filtering services. (AVG CloudCare is different from our AVG Business Edition services where a license key is required in order to install AVG onto a client or server.)

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Which operating systems will AVG CloudCare™ be compatible with?

See our list of the multiple operating systems and programs that AVG CloudCare client products are compatible with. There’s no need to worry, AVG CloudCare will automatically choose and install the right program to install. In addition, AVG CloudCare is smart enough to avoid installation on an unsupported device.

Operating system AVG CloudCare
If four virtual machines were concurrently running on the same physical host, then 4 licenses would be required.

  • Windows® XP
  • Windows® XP Pro x64 Edition
  • Windows® Vista
  • Windows® 7
  • Windows® 7 x64 Edition
  • Windows® 8
  • Windows® 8 x64 Edition
  • Windows® Server Vista x64 Edition
  • Windows® Server 2003
  • Windows® Server 2003 x64 Edition
  • Windows® Server 2003 R2
  • Windows® Server 2008
  • Windows® Server 2008 x64 Edition
  • Windows® Server 2008 R2

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What is the AVG CloudCare trial version?

For new customers, a trial version can be installed on an unlimited amount of client machines for a total for 30 days and includes fully functional AVG® AntiVirus and AVG® Content Filtering services. During this period you have the option to easily convert these trial versions as fully paid clients.

Allows deployment of AVG CloudCare trial version to an unlimited amount of clients. After 30 days AVG CloudCare allows the partner to temporarily disable or de-activate both services.

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If I use the AVG Content Filtering service on AVG CloudCare™, will I need to change any hardware or software configurations?

AVG CloudCare is designed to work well with existing network hardware. The AVG® Content Filtering does not require IT expertise or any network changes to firewalls, DNS, MAC filtering or NATs. All it requires to operate are the same open firewall ports used for normal web browsing.

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