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All it takes is 3 simple steps

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PC TuneUp installation step one dialog with save button

Click "Save" to download. If the
download doesn't begin
automatically, retry.

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Double-click the downloaded
file and follow the onscreen

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Click "Scan Now" to
have AVG PC TuneUp do its

And when we asked the experts at CNET they said:

"With a click of a button PC TuneUp will solve
all of your problems"


Get a faster, cleaner, long-lasting PC

Our test results will blow you away. Achieve up to*:

Speed Up


quicker startup*

  • 139s
  • 8.7s

Free Up

75 GB

of files cleaned*

  • 3GB
  • 75GB

Extend Battery


longer battery*

  • 269m
  • 585m

But don't just take our word for it

AVG PC TuneUp has won awards across the globe

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