PC Speed & Cleaning Tests

We used industry-standard tools to test AVG PC TuneUp’s potential
on everyday computers in real-life situations. The results?
Faster startup, working & playing, & more disk space.

PC Startup Time

What’s more annoying than a PC that takes ages to boot? To see how much AVG PC TuneUp helped, we measured startup times down to the second:

Medion Desktop PC (2008): On our aging Windows 7 desktop PC, we had to wait almost 6 minutes after pushing the power button until we were able to use the machine. Once we optimized it with AVG PC TuneUp, startup time dropped to 159 seconds – and the PC was instantly usable. 

Asus Zenbook UX-501: With typical amount of programs installed on Windows 10, the Zenbook took 39 seconds to start up. Once optimized though, startup time plunged to a mere 8.7 seconds.



quicker startup

desktop PC

  • 336
  • 159


quicker startup

Asus Zenbook UX-501

  • 38
  • 8.7

(Results shown in seconds)


FPS faster

HP Spectre x360



more points

on Alienware X51

(in points)

Playing 3D games

Games benefit the most from a perfectly tuned system. Using the 3DMark test, let’s see how AVG PC TuneUp sped up Grand Theft Auto V: 

HP Spectre x360: When we installed everyday programs on this HP ultrabook, the 150 installed programs slowed Grand Theft Auto V down to 24.4 frames per second (fps). Once we gave it a good boost with AVG PC TuneUp, it went up to almost 30 fps which is considered smooth gameplay. Some gamers buy graphic cards just to achieve that. 

Alienware X51: This 2012 gaming rig scored 4900 points in 3DMark with no tuning applied. After our treatment, the score rose to an astonishing 5407 points – that's better than any dangerous overclock!  

Light & Heavy Work Performance

In the light work test, we used benchmarking tool PC Mark 8® to test how much smoother web browsing, writing and photo editing was. For our heavy work test, we used Adobe Creative® Suite tools (InDesign, PhotoShop and Illustrator):

Alienware X51: The time it took to render images, applying filters and exporting files using Adobe's products went down from 18 to 14 seconds – that's an improvement of 21% after our performance tuning.

Sony Vaio 2011: on this aging Windows 7 laptop, everyday programs had a massive effect on the PC Mark 8 score. AVG PC TuneUp was able to recover it and boost that from a low 901 points up to 2196. In other words: it now ran more than twice as fast. 



Alienware X51

  • 18.19
  • 14.25

(in seconds)



Sony Vaio 2011

  • 901
  • 2196

(in points)



Sony Vaio 2011

(in points)



HP Spectre x360

(in points)

Working in Microsoft Office®

In our dedicated Office 2013 test, we measured how long it takes to insert photos or animations into PowerPoint® and do complex calculations in Excel®.

Sony Vaio 2011: This 4 year old laptop saw an uplift in performance of 36% - jumping from 591 to 801 points in our Office 2013 tests. Particularly larger office documents, such as PowerPoint presentations and Excel spreadsheets, were opened and handled a lot faster. 

HP Spectre x360: All basic tasks in Office took noticeably longer to complete when programs were slowing down the Ultrabook. However, after the tuning steps were done, performance jumped by 36%.

(Results shown in points)

Cleaning unnecessary files

In our final test, we looked at how much disk space we were able to clean on both a 2008 desktop PC as well as an Asus Zenbook UX-501 ultrabook:

Desktop PC: Over the course of its 7-year lifecycle, it accumulated more than 75 GB of wasteful files. Thanks to AVG PC TuneUp, that space is now available for more movies, photos, and music.

Asus Zenbook UX-501: We got back 38.5 gigabytes, part of which was taken up by redundant backup files created when upgrading the machine from Windows 8 to Windows 10.

75 GB

of files cleaned

desktop PC

  • 75221

38.5 GB

of files cleaned

Asus Zenbook UX-501

  • 38463

(Results shown in MB)

We tested on a 7-year-old desktop PC and a brand-new ultrabook, both loaded up with 200 of the most popular software. To check out all our tests, procedures and how we optimized these systems,
read our whitepaper here.

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