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Prestigious companies worldwide and institutes in many fields rely on AVG's security products, and many companies depend on AVG as a strong partner in the field of data security and privacy.


Logo Hillcrest Christian College

Hillcrest Christian College

Hillcrest Christian College is a non-denominational Christian College operating from Prep to VCE. "We now have 350 licenses for AVG, and we are very happy with it – particularly the ease with which we were able to distribute it to all our networked computers."
Jeff Smith, IT Manager

Logo Silvan Australia

Silvan Australia Pty. Ltd.

Silvan was established in 1962 and has since been a pioneer in the development and manufacture of agricultural machinery to meet the needs of primary producers. "We are exceptionally happy with AVG; the features and low cost surpass anything we have seen so far."
Paul Goucher, IT Manager

Logo Wyndham Telecentre

Wyndham Telecentre

A part of a network of 114 centers that provide technology to small communities throughout the state of Western Australia. "As soon as I tried it, I was impressed with the customer services and thought AVG AntiVirus is exactly what we need on our computers at work."
Natika Hawes-Wright, Coordinator of the Wyndham Telecentre

Banora Computer Sales & Services

"Their team are always available to call when we need backup support or support when we are repairing a client and friends computer. Keep up the great work and passion for the product."
Philip Hung

Rathouse Computing Services

"AVG is simpler to use than other programs and I've found that AVG often picks up viruses etc left behind by previously installed security software."
Andrew Dunreath-Cooper


"The new AVG 7.5 has performed fantastically against all manner of malicious attempts to fry my OS. I would definitely recommend it to anyone thinking of connecting their computer to the internet. It's easy to use and a breeze to order. And with the Anti-spyware and AntiVirus rolled into one it's quicker running scans and updates."
Russell Luck, Owner

"I particularly like the email scanner. Automatically all incoming and outgoing emails and their attachments are scanned, with a small window showing precisely what is happening. For example, with download I get a threefold unobtrusive real time report in a small window thus: download percentage progress, scanning process, and transfer to my email program process. For unobtrusiveness yet informativeness, it is superb. I think your program is brilliant, easy to understand, and it automatically updates at 9 a.m. daily. Your pricing is extremely reasonable, and I have no intention of going elsewhere, and I will be renewing at the beginning of January 2007."
Allan Lane, Perth, Western Australia

"I am a very satisfied AVG Professional user. AVG Pro saves me about 5 or 6 times a day, by eliminating viruses, Trojans, worms and down-loaders. In my experience the competitor‘s products all let some problems slip through. Then they multiply and before you know it you have a dead machine – or worse – with possible identity theft and possible financial loss through cleaned out bank accounts or credit card accounts being among the more severe of the consequences."
Allan Baker, Australia

"Thank you for such a great product. Finally I have a virus checker that's fantastic. My family will change and when I finish with my mates they too will be using your product."
Chris Phantom, Australia

"The trial version installed and worked very well. In fact it found and dealt with ten, yes ten!, viruses that were infecting my computer and which my previous virus protection (Hah! that should be "no protection") software had completely missed. Thanks for the great service. I'm impressed."
Bill Dixon, Australia

"With AVG, I have finally reached the pinnacle of my search for the "program for the total protection and ease of use" for protecting my computer and keeping out all the unwanted nasties on the internet. At the end of my trial I will be purchasing AVG, such is my total faith in this product, its ease of use and support services, not to mention the quality, timely and super quick signature updates… I‘m definitely sold!!"
David Venn

"AVG is much more than anti virus software. It is an integral system fitting seamlessly into the operation and performance of computer management."
DRoger Jeakings, New Zealand

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We're proud to receive recognition from the press and the industry as well.

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