AVG installation hints and recommendations

This document contains basic hints for AVG installation. For more information and explanation of each step see the AVG Installation Guide page.

Before installation:

During installation:

  • The wizard will check your computer for other security applications. It is important that only one security solution is installed on your computer. In case there is another security program installed, you will be notified about it. In such a case it is necessary to uninstall the other application to prevent conflicts. For more information visit our FAQ 4183: Using AVG together with other security software products.
  • You will be asked to enter your unique license number. We suggest to use Copy& Paste method to prevent mistakes. Please see the related FAQ 2010: Copy & Paste.
  • If this is a new installation of AVG, you will be asked if you want to run the Quick or Custom installation. Quick is the recommended choice for most users and will not ask you about detailed configurations. In the Custom installation, you have an option to change the installation settings, installed components etc.
  • If AVG is already installed different options are displayed - Add/remove components, Repair installation or Uninstallation. For details, see the related FAQ 5173: Reinstalling, uninstalling or repairing installation of AVG.

After installation:

  • If you installed AVG Firewall, the Firewall configuration will be displayed. Select the role that best fit your computer (based on description in the wizard).

Additional help sources

If you want some detailed description about different topics concerning installation, reinstallation or uninstallation, please visit our FAQ section. We also have several video tutorials that can guide you through the process. They are available on our Video Tutorials page.