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Tune up & clean up unlimited PC, Mac & mobile devices

AVG products work with Windows 10

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Cleaner, faster & longer battery life

Our AVG Performance package includes all the apps you need to keep unlimited PC, Mac®, Android™ and iOS® devices running smoothly and manage them all from one place. Our advanced features help to boost speed, free up space and extend battery life.

Choose the best for you

Automatic MaintenanceIMPROVED

Automatically performs routine maintenance

Drive Defrag

Speeds up access to your hard drive

Mac & Android cleaningIMPROVED

Includes cleaning apps for Mac & Android too

AVG Zen™ Enabled

Cover all your devices from one easy dashboard

Remote PC Cleaning

Clean up your PC using your mobile

Startup Manager

Helps you cure slow computer startup

Disk CleanerIMPROVED

Wipes junk data to free up disk space

Live Optimization

Constantly prioritizes tasks for peak performance

Program Deactivator

Stops hidden programs from slowing you down

Duplicate Finder

Remove duplicate files for even more space
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Gerardo Tosca
“Since I installed PC TuneUp, my games run more quickly”

Steve Gibbs
“I have had my laptop now for 7 years. I have AVG 2014 and AVG PC TuneUp which I use every time I turn it on. AVG has helped keep my pc like the day I bought it.”

B. Steverink
“I just bought a new laptop a few days ago and as you can guess : it was preloaded with a lot of crap : […] The first thing I did was install my favorite killer combo : AVG Internet Security and AVG PC TuneUp. I could almost immediately notice a difference in speed and stability! After doing all the necessary tweaks it runs at top speed”

Anthony Drury
"PC TuneUp is great! It does everything - makes the computer so fast and the best cleaner out there. Well done, AVG."

Russell Novadale
“Awesome product! Brought my pc back from the brink of despair. Many thanks.”

Rolf Schmidtke
“I'd like to tell you what a top-notch product this is and that it just works. Your business is absolutely reliable. Thank you!”

Luther Stewart JR.
“AVG PC Tune Up is the only way to go. Keeping my computer up and running smoothly is what it’s all about.”

Whatever your device, we've got you covered.
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